December 22, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

Merry Christmas!!

ok so yes i heard about byu utah and i heard that same thing, they kinda just gave up and so it got closer. luckily the utes still pulled it off though! so elder henderson is a die hard byu fan so we just avoid the subject if we can.

so ill be skyping on christmas at 12 here time (11 there) ill give you her number, the people's house we are going to be at is the michael's . so sister michael's number is 916-220-0772 but i think it should work alright. if everything goes to plan i will be spending christmas morning with elder gehring and his companion. so were pretty stoked about that.

i got the packages thank you! and elder henderson said he was going to write you a thank you note too. and also tell sister kerner thanks for the peanut brittle! our christmas tree is now loaded with presents underneath it.

the christmas conference was a blast. probably the best day i have experienced on my mission. it was so much fun. they bussed us in from springfield at like 7 in the morning then we so it was like a 2 hour drive to bentonville so i definitely spent that hanging out with elder gehring and elder wilde.

so no i have no clue what were supposed to do on christmas eve either. but we will figure it out.

anyways, so i should probably go now. love you!

On Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 10:56 PM, <> wrote:

Well I don't know if or when you will get this but I will also write you another letter just in case you don't get a chance to be on a computer this week. The missionaries here will have an all day P-day on Christmas. You probably will also. They seemed to be very confused about what they were doing and weren't sure if they needed dinner anywhere or not. I decided to take matters into my own hands and tell them they if they had no plans to have Christmas dinner with anyone that they needed to so I sent around a list for people to sign up to feed them. We are having them on Christmas Eve and if no one had signed up I would have them over then also. I didn't need to worry though the Ryttings signed up. We have really cute Elders now so I am looking forward to having them on Christmas Eve,

What are your plans for Christmas and Christmas Eve? Do you have any info on a time when you are going to skype or call? Will you be able to Skype? I am very excited to talk to you again!!

I am very concerned about your Christmas package. It is scheduled to be delivered to the mission office tomorrow early so I hope that it makes it there while you are still there and that you will be able to take it with you. There are actually two packages because I didn't have a box big enough for everything to fit into one.

I was able to get the Sherwood's address and I am sending them a Christmas card. I sent Cindy a text and she sent me her address. Speaking of Christmas cards... I LOVE the card you sent!!!! It is my favorite one ever!! Thank you !!

We had the annual Clegg girl Christmas party yesterday while the guys were watching the game. Hilary and I went to Brigham and we ate at Maddox and then went back to Dee's to exchange gifts. I will tell you more about that in the letter that I mail to you.

The ward Sub for Santa is almost complete. I got it all organized and ready to be delivered today. There are still a few more gifts to come in that I will deliver either tomorrow or on Tuesday. I guess it will depend on whether or not I get all the stuff. I have decided that I really like to do the Sub For Santa. I see just how generous the members of the ward are. It is always amazing to me and I we have such a great ward. It is always great when it is over though.

I am sure you heard about the BYU and Utah bowl game. It was pretty exciting I guess (I didn't see it) the Utes just about didn't pull it off though. I have heard from other sources that they just kind of quit playing because they were sure they would win. It did make the game a little more exciting though.

Please tell me all about everything that you have been doing and all about the Mission wide Christmas activity. That sounds like a lot fun.

I will mail you a letter now.

I will love you forever


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