December 14, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

A Day Late a Buck Short! im writing the report!

so as you all know time is scarce as to writing each week out here so if i forget to email back i apologize i dont actually dislike you that much. just enough to forget about you... hahah ok on a more positive note! things are looking up! i no longer am dying and can actually do missionary things out here in Ava! (aka... the middle of nowhere)

monday: the usual cassville p-day. email, shop, clean, sit there. the whole 9.

Tuesday: dont recall much about tuesday. this whole week has been a blur. but a good blur for sure. (maybe i could teach dr. suess a thing or two.)

Wednesday: we did some missionary things. i think we went and got some more ice cream for 25 cents! its like im in the 50's!

Thursday: we had a marvelous time up at springfield! got to see my people again and this time i didnt think i was on the verge of death! elder foster from the 70 came and spoke to us so i got to see my beloved elder gehring and elder wilde again. and also, a quick shout out to elder huffman who was also in attendance, just didnt see him as much. also, got my camera back and all my memories! couldnt be happier about that.

Friday: due to the conference we did not get around to weekly planning. so we did that. also, i recieved a package on thursday, thank you mother for that! and in it included a small christmas tree which we set up when we needed a break from weekly planning. i will include pictures in the actual physical mail..

Saturday: i dont remember a whole lot. we had our ward christmas party which was pretty fun. i made some stuffing for it and i must say i did a stellar job on that! shout out to stove top for that one. also, there was a sister in the ward who was mopping and a really awesome member was like "hey sister so and so, would you like me to do that? you know, dont want to be avoiding my duties and such." and she looked him right square in the eyes and was like "a day late and a dollar short" and just walked off. we werent sure if she was kidding or not. but i thought it was hilarious. which is where the title of this email comes from.

Sunday: we went to the nursing home and have a bunch of people we see there. it was exhausting! like not even kidding. i was wiped after that. then had dinner at this one members house who just had a son get back from his mission a week ago from today. and so he like misses missionary work and stuff a bunch and he's way cool. so he invited us over to hang out with him today and play some pool for our preparations! so yeah you could say im pretty stoked to go display my dominance at pool later today. #alphamale

anyways, the scripture i wanted to leave today is from ether 12: 36-37. we read ether 12 on saturday with a part member family and those really stuck out to me. as long as we are being faithful we dont have to worry.

i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.
also, i would like to add, many of you know and many of you are not aware. star wars comes out this week! oh and also i hit my year mark this thursday, but yeah star wars!! haha yep it happened. ive been out a year. so the burning of a shirt ceremony will take place this thursday night just shortly after dinner. i wish i could include pictures to all of you. but alas, i can not. maybe in 6 months when i get transferred out. haha that was a joke, i cant do another 6 month area. dont get me wrong this area is great, i just cant do another 6 months in one area.


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