December 7, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

I've Seen Better Days

Alright everyone buckle up cause out here in ava we get like - 10 minutes to email each week so imma have to keep these brief for a while just bear with me. also, im not allowed to plug anything in to the computers here either... soo.. yeah sorry mom! no pictures for a while.

so monday was super chill just kind of hung out at the mansion one last time with the district minus siloam springs plus fayetteville 1st. and went to fayettechill one last time and dropped some moneys there so thats always fun.

tuesday was a SOLID day. one of the greats. to talk about tuesday im just going to list a bunch of random different hashtags that happened throughout the day and if you see one you recognize then you can laugh along. (dont worry for those of you who have no idea what im talking about ill explain some of them.) #rockemsockemrobots #heyileftmyglasses #alphamale #pingpong #surprisepartyinthebasement #ilovemissions #ayyyy #elderolsenisthebestdistrictleaderiveeverhad #jbiebs #youneedtogetagriponyourself #howdoigettransferred? #partyinspringdale #whatif #applestoapples #tresleche #stancesocks and... that was about the day. im low on time so i wont be able to do any explaining except for one thing, the stance socks. so i had a pair of stance socks back home and i wore them to work one day and those shoes wrecked my socks and i was really bummed. anyways, i received another pair of those exact ones for my birthday. shoutout to you!

Wednesday back to the grind. saying goodbye to everyone. representing my swat lake city in basketball that night. shedding many tears as the day went. ok.. not really but yes it was a rather weird/depressing day.

thursday had to be like one of the worst days on my mission. now, im not complaining or anything but it just sucked. which is where the title of this email comes from. i dont remember the band name or song but i just remember that part in the song and loving it. so i woke up at like freaking 4:15 in the morning due to transfers and i just felt off. get to bentonville and it is FREEZING cold. say goodbye to everyone and hop on the transfer loop. riding transfer loop i just felt like i was going to die so i focused my efforts on living as i was traveling from bentonville back to my home transfer point mt. vernon missouri. along the way i pull out my camera to pass the time. i fall asleep later on and dont recall much. we arrive and i get out and am still feeling weird. seeing a bunch of people i know im all excited and everything, oh hey, rather than we all just hang out here for the day lets go to the aurora building to clean it. ok why not. oh hey elder thompson serving in cassville! another one of the investigators i was teaching passed away? you will be missed. here let me show you a picture of me and elder lopez back in the day, oh shoot i left my camera on transfer loop! fastforward to later on in the day still in the aurora building, i wont go into details, but i found out why i was feeling so off that day... stomach flu. so then the rest of the day was spent i dont even remember. went and sat in a mcdonalds parking lot in the baking sun in my suit coat, drove forever to get to my area in the middle of nowhere haha and cant even go to work. i literally slept from about 4:30 p.m. thursday to 9:30 a.m. friday morning.

friday: still couldnt work. we weekly planned tho. theres a lot going on in this area so im pretty stoked about that.

Saturday: im pretty weak. havent had anything to eat in about 2 days but i decided it was time to go back to work. anyways, i dont remember it but it was good. also, you can get ice cream at a local drug store on the square for 25 cents so that made me really happy.

Sunday: met the ward. it reminded me a lot of cassville. a lot of old people who dont remember much about the past 5 years but man they can tell you stories for days about the 40's and such. also, got to watch the christmas broadcast which was a good time.

so yeah that was my week. i love you all!

also, most of my communicating will now be through letter writing due to the no time to email. so everyone should write me! my address is: Route 6 Box 6470 Apt 15 Ava, MO. 65608


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