December 7, 2015


Ava, MO


Elder Henderson

How was your Birthday?

ok so in this new area i have like no time to write anymore. we only get an hour per monday and thats it so for at least the next 6 weeks its going to be down to just letters for the most part. my new address is: route 6 box 6470 apt. 15 Ava, MO. 65608.

so basically my new area is literally the middle of nowhere and is really massive. the town is even smaller than cassville. but its a pretty neat place. its really kind of ghetto so i bet ill have a lot of stories from this area.

so elder lopez got transferred up to pea ridge, AR. i miss him a lot. something me and him say to each other a lot, (his first name is peter) you know, peter and andrew were brothers. (in the bible.) so the sherwoods have a daughter in Bella Vista. so he's not in their area but they meet in the same building on sundays. so thats pretty cool. and also the closest area to him is cassville. so im pretty jealous of that. we both have a soft spot for cassville. its his favorite area and mine too.but yeah i miss him a lot but ill be alright. i wont be hanging out with other missionaries for a while. we are getting elder foster from the 70's this week coming in to the mission so ill be able to see a bunch of missionaries at the zone conference there and then again in 2 weeks for the mission wide conference. keep in mind that is a monday so i have no idea when we will be emailing. just a heads up.

so for my christmas package i didnt want really anything out of the ordinary, maybe some round neck garments would be nice though. and so this is rather out of the ordinary. but could you guys get me a GPS? we didnt have one in prairie grove and that was a disaster so i dont want to go to another area where neither one of us has a gps. also, could you get me some nice basketball shoes? like some kevin durrants or something. like some actual basketball shoes. my current shoes are destroying my feet. ive lost like 3 toe nails and dislodged 2 that even grew back in from playing basketball in these shoes and it just really hurts.

yeah elder thomas stayed in PG he isnt a big fan of his new comp. but im sure he will make it. ive had some like that too so if i can do it he can do it. haha

so basically i never see anyone from the office. like ever. i saw sister fowler once at the booth we set up on campus last transfer but that was about it.

anyways, i should probably send out my big email now. love you!

On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 12:03 AM, <> wrote:
Well Hello!!

Tell me all about your Birthday!! I did know that the Sherwoods were planning on going to see you on your birthday, I just didn't know if you knew and I didn't want to spoil the surprise if Sister Sherwood wanted it to be a surprise. She asked me what kind of cake was your favorite so I told her Tres Leche. It looked like that was the kind that you had. That was so very nice of her. It was also kind of cool that you got to be on exchanges with Elder Lopez. I loved the pictures that she sent!! It was so fun to see a picture of you on your birthday!! I hope you had a great day. We are sending another package tomorrow with a few more things for your birthday. If you tell us your address will we send it directly to you. I forgot to tell you that we transferred some money into your account for your birthday. Dad said that he sent you a note but wasn't sure if you got it or not.

Tell me about your new area. Who is your companion, where do you live, how is the ward and how is the work? I looked it up on the church website (they have a spot you can look up missions and the areas in the missions) and it looks like your new area is really big, at least it covers a large land area. Was your new companion there before?

I heard that Elder Lopez was also transferred. Where is he now? I guess the Sherwoods have a daughter that lives there. That's pretty cool. What about Elder Thomas did he stay in Prairie Grove?

I finally got the Christmas decorations up today except the big tree. I hope to get it up tomorrow night. It's been pretty busy here lately. I have been doing Sub for Santa and I also had to teach Relief Society today. I used some technology today for the first time ever. It worked out pretty well. I used an article from this month's Ensign to base my lesson on today. It was "Be at Peace" by Elder Christopherson. I really liked the thoughts in it. I also used some of the new videos with the new Christmas initiative. It's pretty good.

We had a really cool experience in Sacrament meeting today. I man who had never been to church in our ward before and we had no idea who he was came and bore his testimony. He said he felt the spirit as soon as he walked in the door and has missed it so much. It has been a year since he has been to church anywhere. The spirit was so very strong. I hope the Elders will be able to go and visit him and help him come back to church. We got a new Elder this transfer also. Elder Moore hasn't left yet though. He is going home on the 15th so we has a threesome for about another week.

I signed up to have the Elders here for Christmas Eve. I am kind of excited about it. I should get them something for Christmas. Do you have anything that you would suggest? While we are on the subject, is there anything else that you would like for Christmas before I send you Christmas package? I will work on getting it all together and sent soon. I might send part of it to the Mission Office if you think that would be okay.
How often do they get out to see you? I did see on the mission blog that you are having a Mission wide Christmas get together on the 21st. That sounds really cool. I am getting really excited to talk to you on Christmas. You probably have no idea where you will be calling/skyping from yet
I have tended Lucas quite a bit this week which I love of course. He is getting so close to walking. He was taking a few steps while he was here today. He is so cute!! It is so fun to have a grand baby this close.

This Friday is Phillip's birthday so it would be really nice if you sent him an email or something. I know he probably didn't send you one but it would still be nice if you would send him one. He's had a pretty hard year but I hope things are looking better for him now.

You probably heard this but Utah is playing BYU in the Las Vegas bowl this year. I thought it was kind of interesting that they ended up playing each other. Oh and BYU's head coach is leaving and going to Virginia. Dad says he wasn't surprised at all.

My scripture this week is from my lesson today. Revelations 7:16-17
6 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.
17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Take care of yourself, stay warm, be obedient and work hard.

I'll love you forever


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