November 30, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

But I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way at 19!

well everyone i have like no time today so ill just keep it brief. the title for this email comes from the small pop-punk band straight out of chicago: Knuckle Puck with their smash hit: no good. great stuff. i figured it was appropriate since today is the last day this is relevant to my life. also, i just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! they have been appreciated!

so i guess to just sum up the week ill just talk about thursday. thursday i partook of more food in a 5 hour period than i think i ever have before. we had a dinner appointment at 1, a dinner appointment at 3 and a dinner appointment at 5. it was too much for me to handle. by the time we hit the 5 o clock DA i had to just settle for a piece of pie. then that night we went over to the church in fayetteville and played some ball then of course, we went down to mcdonalds afterwards and had some hot cakes. (i did not partake) but so anyways that was about it.

also, im getting transferred to ava, missouri. (the boonies of the boonies) so ill let you all know when i know what my address is. but im really pretty stoked! i hear that there is a large amish population up there and i can get 25 cent i cream cones so you already know im way excited for that! and also, im moving up in the world! like yeah this town is about half the size of prairie grove, it at least has a walmart supercenter! so yeah you could say i am giddy at the least.

anyways, i love you all! Shred that gnar!

-Elder Olsen.

and just a public apology to my mother, i know you have been asking for more pictures and i have just been terrible at sending some. so i am sorry, hopefully the ava computers are better cause i really dont like dealing with these ones.


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