November 23, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Today's the Macy's Day parade The night of the living dead is on it's way.

So here we are, the week of thanksgiving and you all know what that means?! GREEN DAY! well, for those of you who arent on a mission. so now time to do some splanin (Explaining) every year on thanksgiving i listen to "Macy's day Parade" by the musical giants themselves, green day. and thats the only song i listen to for the day. so i challenge all of you to do the same. its great i promise, you will all thank me later.

So this past week was really great so we will just go down the line and see what happened.

Monday we went and hung out at "the mansion" which is always fun.

Tuesday we got cancelled on by about everyone but thats ok!

Wednesday after district meeting we went out to the U of A campus and had some legendary things go down out there. and then that night as i was taking my rightful place as Alphamale in basketball with the ward that night elder thomas gets a bow straight to the nose and starts bleeding everywhere. i thought for sure we were going to have to run the hospital right then and there. but everything turned out ok and i still remain as alpha male. which wasnt actually in question in case anyone was wondering #stillhumble

Thursday we.. i dont remember much of the day, we weekly planned, we also had dinner at this one family's house who are like way cool. their house is pretty much a petting zoo but its a great time. im not kidding. they have 3 crazy dogs, 1 psychotic cat, a bearded dragon, a chameleon, 2 rats, and who knows what else.

Friday: so we were on exchanges with the YSA elders and this time i didnt get to be with elder lopez but thats alright! i was with elder haws. this young pup straight from the land of bountiful utah! so we were riding the bus cause lets face it, biking sucks, and we got a text from the other zone leader up in springdale saying that (this is all under permission i might add) that they have an investigator who happened to be playing an acoustic show at a coffeeshop just up the road from the YSA elder's aparments and that we had permission to go and help set up, stay for the show, then help take down, so we would be out late but like i said we had permission! it was amazing. easily the most hipster thing i have done/ probably will do on my mission. which then started the saying: thats so coffee shop. so anytime anything hipster happens or anything like that, say it and think of me.

so i am sorry to say but i am out of time. but saturday was good except the utes lost. and yesterday was good too. and also, i have been focused a lot on DC 6:36 this week. its a goodin!

i love you all! stay pop punk! and dont forget to listen to green day this thursday and do it for me!


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