November 16, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Oklahoma City Looks Oh So Pretty

Well so in case anyone is wondering the weather outside is nice and brisk, some might even say, skiing weather.. or if you are a missionary you might say tracting weather. either way, its a good time. unless youre tracting. then not really.

so again, my mood towards emailing is substantially low today. so it will be brief today but heres the week.

Monday: we went and played ball and we all know that i was crowned, rightfully so, i might add, as #alphamale #humble

Tuesday: we... i honestly dont remember tuesday at all. this week has been a blur. it went by really quick so bear with me.

Wednesday: of course we had a legendary district meeting. ok it was probably pretty average but hey we got to eat cookies in the middle and talk about our "hopes and dreams" so all in all it was solid. then we went and OTMed up on campus afterwards and had a great time doing that. we placed about 20 BOM's and a bunch of cards so that was a great time. also went on an exchange with the 2nd elders and that is always a good time. i was with elder constandse. he is this greeny straight out of SO CAL and you already know we had a blast. that night, so, as i said in last weeks email they live with members in this 2 million dollar mansion. so anyways that night the sky was clear and it was nice and cool, some might say: "observatory weather." thats exactly right. he took us up into his freaking observatory and we looked at stars being born in the orion nebula. pretty cool in my opinion.

Thursday we weekly planned with them, played some basketball with one of their investigators, then that was about all i remember for the day..

Friday was mostly just anticipation for saturday. i dont remember friday AT ALL.

Satruday was THE day. we took the "Trest West" and headed out to the big city known as Oklahoma City! we went to the the smallest temple youve ever seen! but it was awesome! a real city! real buildings! a "traffic jam" consists of more than 10 cars! it was great. super long day. but a great day nonetheless. i also got to travel through the land of my forefathers. Sallisaw, Oklahoma. which is where my trainer was trained by his trainer. (elder lopez- pops and the legend who i still do not know to this day, elder haywood- grand pops.)

Sunday: i dont really remember much about yesterday either cause i was still super stoked about the day before. so yeah like i said saturday was awesome!

Anyways, thats about all for now! i love you all! keep on shredding (for those of you in Utah.) i dont know when or if the resorts have opened yet, but that first gnar pow slash you take i want you to think of me.

and for those of you who dont know the song this week... you obviously live in a cave.

and i apologize for the window glare in this picture but it was probably the best pic i got of OKC


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