November 16, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas


it was just mud so it came right out. so thats how it got on both my suit and my shirt. i still need to find the dry cleaners. i have no idea where they are. we probably have one in the corner of fayetteville that we cover but we have no idea for sure. so ive just been wearing my black pin-stripe suit. im not a big fan of that one anymore cause its really big and bulky now. ive lost something like 20 -25 pounds so the pants are really huge and look like space pants so im not a fan of it so i really need to find the dry cleaners.

so yes transfer calls are the weekend before my birthday. then 2 days after my birthday is transfers. so i will at least be able to spend my birthday with people i know.

so maybe you could get the digital version of the album like on i-tunes or something then burn a copy and send it out my way. its the christmas with weezer album right? last i remember it was red and had ornaments on it but i could be wrong. so thats an alternative. other than that theres this acapella group called pentatonix and they have a couple christmas albums that i would love to have. elder lopez has some and i really enjoy it so that would be good. i think they just have 2 albums. so yeah those 2 would be awesome!

so the weather is really cool. its been dropping rapidly and i love it. i loved the time change too. i just love when it gets dark around 5:30. probably cause it means its that much closer to ski season. which i cant do which is kind of a bummer. ive been thinking about skiing a lot lately and really miss it. but as they say "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." some members, not knowing i was a huge skiier, told us that the winter this year is going to be bad cause its going to be an el nino year, which means lots of great snow for skiiers, which means its a good winter. not a bad one.

so i got to go to the Oklahoma city temple this past saturday! which was really exciting! we had a recent convert do baptisms so we got to go with him and be there. we didnt get to participate in anything but they let us into the font room to just sit there and watch. it was really pretty cool. that is by far the tinyest temple ever. it seems just a bit bigger than our stake center (barely) it was also really cool to get to go to the big city and see actual buildings and stuff again and see other cars and options and stuff. by options i mean places to eat and things to do.

so for thanksgiving i have no idea what im doing. i know which house im going to for dinner which im really stoked about and the ward has an annual turkey bowl every year so im really stoked to get to play some football. that will be way fun. so i have no idea what size shirt i need. probably about a 16 1/2 or a 16. send one of each. short sleeves please. im getting rid of my long sleeves. i hate those things. so for christmas i havent put too much thought to it. just more money and maybe some more ties. youre right i really dont want to have to move around all that stuff.

so tomorrow marks 11 months i have been gone. kind of weird that its been that long. even elder lopez doesnt think its been that long. crazy!

anyways, thats about all for now. i will include pictures in my weekly email. i took a lot at the temple. anyways, love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 11:13 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? So did you say that you got those grass stains out of shirt? How did you get them out? Also what happened to your suit and how did you get grass stains on your shirt if you had your suit coat on? How is your companion?

How is the weather there? Dad said that there was one day this week that you were supposed to have bad weather. I hope that it hasn't started yet. I know I'm not ready to have bad weather yet. It is supposed to snow a little tomorrow but it should stay around long. It is supposed to be warm weather again by the weekend. I am grateful for that because we are driving to California on Friday. It will be really good to see Phillip and his family again. I wish they lived closer. Christian will be baptized on Saturday. We are driving back on Tuesday so we won't be there too long. Dad has to work the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.

I forgot to tell you that you were sent a thing for jury duty. Dad just sent it back to them telling them that you are on a mission.

So I looked up the Weezer Christmas album and the cover is pretty inappropriate so I don't think I can send that to you. The other song is a single I kind of liked it. I will have to see if I can figure that out. Is there other Christmas albums you might like? When do you find out about transfers? Is it the weekend before you birthday?

We fed the missionaries last Friday. I made fettuccine ala carbanara. I thought they might like it. I am not sure that they did. One of the Elders hardly ate anything. They were on exchanges and I didn't know him. He was very nice and I liked him really well just not sure he liked my food. He is also really skinny and said he is trying not to gain any weight. They other Elder (the one assigned to our stake seemed to like it okay and I gave him some leftovers to take home. Our other Elder will be going home on his next transfer. He has been with us for quite awhile. Since before the sisters left and that was in June. He was assigned to some other wards in our stake and then took over the whole stake. I took a picture of them and sent to their parents. I really liked that when people would do that for me. I used to here from a lot of people when you were in Cassville. It was great!!

Sisters Culter, Chadwick and Jephson are all home from the hospital and doing better but not back to church yet. Also Sister Cutler called me and asked me to pray for her great grandson, Dylan Cutler, he is two and a half and got away from his mother at a party while the rest of the kids were jumping on the tramp. They found him face down in a swimming pool. The police and the paramedics couldn't revive him so I'm not sure when he was revived but he is on life support and Karen called me and asked me to pray for him. Will you please pray for him also. Karen is so very sad. He was the one that she told me about when I called her when she was in the care center in Vegas. He would make her happy with all the cute things that he would do. It is very sad.

What size shirt do you want and do you just want short sleeve or do you want a long sleeve shirt also? Do you need any new garments? How about thermal garments? Have you thought of anything you might want for Christmas? I know you might not want too much stuff because you just have to take it around with you when you get transferred but if there is something that you need let me know. I do have a few things in mind though Smile I am getting excited to talk to you again!!

I am very sad about the bombings that happened in France. I loved France and the French people when we were there. It also made me really grateful that you are serving where you are. All the missionaries are safe in France though which is a really good thing.

My scripture for this week is James 1:27
27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

So tell me everything that you have been doing!! I miss you and want to know everything!! Do you know what you will do for Thanksgiving? Jeremy and Ryan didn't have Thanksgiving in England but they had Senior Couples that would make Thanksgiving dinner for them. Phillip celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada which is in October. I think I am going to smoke a turkey this year for Thanksgiving. It should be fun!!

Take care of yourself. Did you get a flu shot? Pray always, study and work hard and be obedient.

I'll love you forever


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