November 8, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building.

Today is a nice brisk day and in the words of my good friend Ben Stiller from night at the museum you might even say "chilly, chilly will the penguin!" thats right, i finally figured out where thats from.

so i guess theres not much to it, like yeah, i missed last week, i apologize. last week was just kind of a weird P-day but it is what it is. here i am making up for it!

Monday as i said was kind of a weird day we just couldnt seem to catch up at all but it was a solid day nonetheless. for dinner that night we had a member go out and buy us some chipotle! ahh man i havent been to chipotle in who knows how long! well, a week. but before that who even knows!

Tuesday we did some service and i now own a new memory card for my camera so a solid video log was made! other than that like.. i dont really remember.

Wednesday we went and did service out in the middle of nowhere then exchanged with the fayetteville elders and so i got to stay the night in their "apartment" its more like a 2 million dollar mansion. like for real. they live with members and they live in a 2 million dollar mansion. its pretty sweet!

Thursday we swapped back and went and got lunch at their members house and they were pretty cool people and they used to live in salt lake so we talked about that for a while. then swapped back and dont really recall the rest of the day. but it was pretty cool.

Friday we... also did some good things im not really prepared with my planner on me this week.

Saturday we went up to fayetteville and had a zone training meeting and it was way good. then we had a member take us out to stake n shake. great place. then had dinner that night with some recent converts which was way fun.

Sunday we had a broadcast from higher ups? i guess thats the word im looking for.. haha but it was a multi-stake conference and it was really pretty good! dont really remember much of that day either. which also happened to be yesterday.. #ohwell

so this week i wanted to leave y'all with alma 5:26. its a really solid scripture. it was one of my companions favorite scriptures and i came across it the other day in my studies.

so this picture: saturday night elder thomas and i are walking because our appointment cancelled and so we were walking by this park and a conversation arose that went along the lines of "so elder thomas you think if i went down that slide on my back head first it would spit me out at the bottom or you think ill stay in the slide?" "i bet you'll stay in!" "challenge accepted" so long story short, i now need to go get my suit dry-cleaned. but just so everyone knows, this did come out.

and then this next picture i got in an email last week from the man himself todd rytting! he was a great leader i had and he came to my pottery competition senior year and so this is a picture from that. #longhairdontcare #thatflow

anyways, i love you all! have a good week!

oh and also, ive been thinking about skiing a lot lately. which is where this week's song comes from. its from "Running up that Hill" by Placebo. great stuff. it was a song to one of my favorite ski montages ive seen from the company matchstick productions. great stuff. y'all should check it out sometime!


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