November 8, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

I hope you write this week

so the past couple of weeks have been good. this week was a really good week. like, i dont really recall much of it but the work was really good. and picked up a lot this week. still are struggling finding people to teach so weve been focusing on teaching those we already have and helping them progress. we had an investigator who just got married last week so that was exciting, we talked about baptism with him on saturday. his dad is a less active member who is up to the office of a teacher so he cant currently baptize but i think it would be great if we re-activated him and got him to baptize his son and now daughter-in-law!

so no i havent went and got my flu shot yet but soon hopefully!

so anyways for my birthday all i want is money, maybe a new shirt, a floral tie and an ugly christmas sweater tie. thats about it. oh and some peanut butter rice krispies. oh also, i just thought of this. one of my favorite bands, weezer, has a christmas album and in december we can listen to christmas music so if you can send that to me that would be awesome. also, one more, a band called death cab for cutie i know at least has a christmas song so if you could somehow get me those 2 that would be awesome! so thats about all that has happened.

we had a zone training meeting on saturday and it was really good. we found out that on december 21st we are having a mission-wide christmas conferene which i am way excited about.

also, speaking of my birthday, dont send my package to prairie grove unless i say to cause my birthday is 2 days before transfers and so i dont want to have to get a bunch of stuff and just pack it cause lets face it, i will have been here as long as i was in cassville and so im probably going to get transferred. man i really miss cassville a lot. i think i talk about it like everyday. i think i will be the same about here when i go. its a really great area.

anyways thats all for now. love you!

On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 10:25 PM, <> wrote:

Tell me how you are doing. How has your week (or two) been? Tell me about your investigators. Did you get a flu shot yet? Dad and I got ours yesterday. I usually don't want to get one but this year for some reason I was okay to get one. I have to much to do to get sick I guess. I really hope to hear from you tomorrow. I really missed hearing about your week. It would also be great if I got to see a picture or two of your cute face!! I pray for you constantly and you are always in my thoughts.

So this last week marked three years since I was sustained to be the Relief Society President. I thought maybe I might be released soon but it doesn't seem to be happening. That's okay as Bishop Sorenson told me once about being Bishop "it's a good excuse to be of service to people".
I agree with that. I think I get to do more service for people that I would otherwise be called on to do. I enjoy working with the sisters and visiting them and getting to know them better. I have to tell you about an experience that happened this last little while. In September Charity and I had gone to visit a less active sister. I had met her one other time when I was visiting with the Stake Relief Society President. I had gone back several times and never been able to see her again. Anyway in September when we stopped we talked to her husband and found out that he had a heart attack about a month before was wasn't able to do much of anything around the house. Charity had written a note to the sister because she is her visiting teacher and also hadn't been able to make contact with her. We told her husband to please let us know if there was anything that we could do for them and he said that he thought they would be fine. We let him know that we would really like to be able to help them so the next day the less active sister texted Charity and asked if someone could help them put up some shelving units in their garage. They had purchased them before her husband had the heart attack and now had no way to put them up. I contacted the Bishop and that Sunday in Ward Council the Bishop assigned it to the Elder's Quorum and the Young Men. They were finally able to get them put up a couple of weeks ago and it turns out that that are back yard neighbors with the Spicers. Bro. Spicer invited them to the ward party last night and they came!! I talked to them for and minute and they told me that they were concerned that if they came it would be awkward and no one would talk to them. I told them that I hoped the ward had made them feel welcome and they told me that they absolutely felt welcome. I don't really think they are ready to come back to church but I think that at least they know that we are here to help them if they need it.

I don't know how everyone there is reacting to the Church's announcement about the change in policy in handbook 1 but here it has been quite a big deal. Many people are quite upset about it. After reading and studying about it and hearing Elder Christopherson's clarification on it I think it will be a good thing. I hope everyone that you are working with will be able to understand the reasoning behind it. I don't know that it will get as big of a reaction anywhere but in Utah though.

Phil sent me a message tonight because his Bishop wanted to change Christian's baptism to the 28th of November and asked if we would be able to come then instead. Unfortunately we have non-refundable reservations for the weekend before that. So I guess that they won't change the baptism. Phil said Christian said the opening prayer in Primary today and that Logan gave a talk about how Jesus shows us how to help others. It would be fun to be able to see them do those things. Oh well I guess that is just the way it is.

Jeremy is thinking about getting a dog. I think he might go and get one this week. He does have a nice big house and a fenced back yard now so he could get one. I think he would really like to have a dog.

Karen Cutler came home this week. She didn't look very good last night when I went to see her so we are going to take meals into them for a week and have someone go help her with her house for awhile. I hope she starts to feel better. I really hate to see her not feel well. She is such a sweet lady. Myrna is doing pretty well and she should be coming home soon also.

I am very excited to have this Wednesday off for Veteran's Day. I don't really have any plans but it will just be nice not to go to work. I will have to go to a training on Saturday though so it's not really like I have an extra day off at all.

I will be starting my Christmas shopping soon. Actually I have already started a little bit. Anyway I am wondering if there is anything that you might need or want. Shirts, pants, sweaters, socks? Any special kinds of food? Also anything that you want for your Birthday?

The scripture I want to share with you this month is 1 Timothy 4: 12-14 kind of 15 also but I think I shared that with you before.

12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.
14 Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.

Take care of yourself, be happy and work, pray and study hard.

I'll love you forever


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