November 3, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

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yeah sorry i didnt email yesterday. yesterday was a weird day. just couldnt seem to stay on time or on top of anything but it was a good day! so yeah im just emailing you real quick and ill be on my way weve got some appointments to go to. but it was a great week! i wont be able to send out a weekly email this week but ill be sure to send out a great one next week. also, i got your letter yesterday and it was much appreciated! thank you! well, it was actually just a card but still it was good! (yes, i got both of them)

so for halloween we went and saw one of our investigators. that was about all that got done. we had dinner at the stake presidents house cause he lives in our ward. then we had to be in by 7 o clock that night so they gave us yahtzee to play to stay entertained.

so that letter that todd sent was awesome! please thank him for me. i will next week when i have time. but yeah it was a really awesome letter. i love that picture at the art show. i was just thinking that was about a year and 9 months ago. wow that was quite a while ago. doestn really feel like it. but so to answer your question, im not really sure what it was i enjoyed about pottery. it just felt natural. i really took off with it and it just felt good. i really enjoyed it and really miss it a lot.

so anyways, thats about all i have time for. ill talk to you next MONDAY! again sorry for not being able to write yesterday. love you!

-Elder Olsen


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