October 26, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

HEY! Get Get Get Get Get Over It!

So im just going to put it out there. i dont really exactly feel like emailing today. sorry y'all! but ill still do my best!

so monday we just chilled and got a new referral and went and taught him. he wasnt in a great "teaching environment" so we introduced ourselves and left pretty much. but hey we'll be back!

tuesday: so we actually started a new planner today so i dont have the other one on me so i actually dont remember what happened. did service at the library probably.

Wednesday: no district meeting sadly. so we looked for service opportunities elsewhere during that time probably. like i said, i dont recall what happened this week.

Thursday: well, as i was trained, we weekly planned. and had a blast doing so! not joking right now we built a fort in the church and weekly planned in there and played some basketball between points. its was great. also that night we showed up at our recent converts place to go teach him and of course he wasnt home. and as they say, when something cancels, a miracle is about to happen! so we went and talked with a couple potentials we got the week before from our back to back exchanges with fayetteville 2nd and siloam springs. anyways long story short, 2 new investigators! solid people!

Friday: not really sure what went down. but it was a good day more than likely. its always a good day. a wise man once said, over the pulpit i might add: "have a gladitude, not a baditude." - the author wishes to remain anonymous.

Saturday was quite the day! so there was a wedding planned for a non-member in the ward and pretty much the entire ward was helping out. they asked the missionaries if they could help out too so why not! they also asked if we could get another set of missionaries there as well! so upon some deep thinking we asked the Fayetteville YSA elders if they would like to join us and to my surprise they were delighted to join us! anyways, it was a legendary day. for those of you who dont know, elder lopez happens to be serving in the YSA so yeah it was a fantastic day! "only legendary things are in store!"

Sunday: it was an awesome day a lot happened but ill keep it brief. we had dinner at this less actives/recent converts house. (there are both recent converts and less actives living there) and they fed us dinner. so the "entertainment" while we were eating was to watch the sunday morning session of conference cause they missed it. and this one guy in a wheelchair kept asking us all kinds of questions. he's a member so dont get too excited! haha "have you guys ever met the holy ghost?" hahahah great question
oops forgot to close. so yeah that was the week! pretty solid. imma miss elder pack like crazy though. #good times. so heres some pictures of our good times that were had!

i love you all! remember who you are and what you stand for!


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