October 19, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Its The End Of The World As We Know It!

Hey there everyone! so i know you are all wondering where im gettting transferred too cause guess what ive been here a while and its looking about time to get moving on to a new area. well, heres the news... Im staying another transfer here in PG! good times will continue to be had! also, just a quick shout out to my pops elder lopez who is going to be coming down to fayetteville ysa and will be in my district! only legendary things are in store. also a quick shout out to my man elder pack who will be leaving siloam springs and heading up to bartlesville... #youwillbemissed

so we will just get into it. monday i was most definitely humbled playing basketball with the zone. i am no longer alpha male. but hey thats ok i threw down, im not cocky i promise!

Tuesday i woke up and couldnt move my left arm very much. totally thought i dislocated my elbow playing basketball. oops. my arm totally got wrecked between to elders and it didnt really hurt at the time. but man tuesday was killer. it was soo sore! but tuesday was good. dont really remember all of what happened but it was sweet. oh yeah i should probably mention, i did NOT dislocate anything. we came to the conclusion that i probably just hyper-extended it and my elbow was just sore the rest of tuesday, wednesday, and a bit of thursday.

Wednesday was a good one. had a pretty good zone training meeting up in fayetteville and i dont really remember it too much but it was a good one i think. then after that went on an exchange with elder millett! it was a blast! we went out and did some stuff out in lincoln and realized we were a bit early to dinner so i decided we should go check out this lake i had been hearing about called lincoln lake. we went out there and it was gorgeous! im talking cliffs right off the lake changing colors of the leaves and a nice cool breeze. after talking to some people fishing out there and giving them our number and them saying they would like to know more we departed on our way out to dinner. after driving for about 15 minutes i realized something very.. i cant really think of the word but it sucked haha. we were totally lost in the backwoods of arkansas. finally found a road that was at least headed in the right direction and found ourselves up in fayetteville. anyways, long story short we were about a half hour late to dinner.. but it was still awesome!

The next day we swapped back and headed up to siloam springs to have our weekly combined weekly planning session. that awkward moment when we get to the church building and realize they are setting up for a funeral... so we weekly planned at the apartment and it was really... not very good haha. kinda lame actually but thats whatever. afterwards we exchanged with the siloam springs elders and i was up there with my man elder pack! we had an awesome day! many pictures were taken. just so you all know i will send the pictures out as i recieve them from him. #bestexchangeever

Friday: we did some really nasty service. i dont really remember what it was. just that i REAKED of cigarettes and cat poop afterwards so yeah we most definitely took a shower immediately following this said service and didnt speak any further on that.

Saturday was an awesome day. so that day the siloam springs elders came down because i left some stuff up there and he left some stuff down here or something like that. so anyways we went to a lake out here in prairie grove cause i wanted to check it out cause lincoln lake went so well. and as we were out on the dock chilling some people pulled up and started fishing and we just started talking to them then my boy elder thomas gave them our card and totes OTM'd them so yeah we got 5 new potential investigators in 1 week just by checking out the local lakes and talking to the people fishing there. also that night we had stake conference and heard from the OKC temple president with his wife and also president and sister loveland. it was solid! then to end the night hearing that pops is coming down! #solidday

Sunday was some more stake conference i think all the same people spoke to us again. so yeah it was good. then the rest of the day was us just going around and teaching. the usual sunday i guess. seeing a lot of people cause a lot of people are home. kinda weird how it works like that but it does.

so i guess that was it. pretty good week. i look forward to another 6 here in PG. but maybe next transfer call it would be good to here something along the lines of "elder olsen, you are going to cassville missouri!" just saying, that would be sweet! haha dont get me wrong i love this place too dont worry!

so the scripture i wanted to share was referenced a few times in stake conference i think. i dont really remember where it was referenced a lot. but i feel like thats right. and its matthew 10:39. its a good one. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

anyways, thats it love you all!
-Elder Olsen
also the title of this one is from R.E.M. great song.

elder pack and i found this massive wall like 25 -30 feet high so we went and chilled on it drinking cocnut water and looking good! (we just did service so this was acceptable)

lincoln lake

elder millett!


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