October 12, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Electric Feel Now

so this week was full of ups and downs. more ups than downs. ok, so there werent really any downs, it just makes the story sound better.

Monday: so like i said, there were no downs to be had, so it was legendary. to be honest just did the usual email and chill at the apartment. not going to lie, those are the best P-Days.

Tuesday: we did some service at the library as per usual which is always sweet. i apologize, i seem to have left my planner at the apartment due to the fact that we are about to go play some ball up in springdale with the zone. ill probably FINALLY be humbled. but thats ok.

Wednesday was, of course, a fantastic district meeting led by myself. #soshoutouttome. then played some ball with the ward. i did ok. haha

thursday was another legendary combined weekly planning sesh with siloam springs down here in PG. Many laughs were shared and many disc grabs were locked and many ping pong balls were sunk into not-so-red solo cups full of potentially high caffeinated beverages. believe me when i say this though, things got done. like, we planned really well, and had a good time too. its possible! we had a really intense game of frisbee dodge. its just dodgeball but with a frisbee. we may or may not have broken that thing in half. limbs were flying and blood was shed. later that night during a zone conference call one of the siloam missionaries asks: "so... how can you tell if your hip is out of place?" #ballsohard

friday: i dont really recall much of what happened friday but im sure it had to be a good time. how could it not?

Saturday was way sick! we did this awesome service for this event called outback in the ozarks. it was this 200 mile team relay run and so we set up the booths the chairs for the indie band that was coming to play in the amphitheater and set up the finish line. it was this really granola event. were talking extra slouch baby alpaca wool beanies. hand made from the villagers in peru. they are super sick beanies. and majority of everyone at the event were members! so like we got hooked up by outback steak house for free. we got discounts at like every booth, it was a good time. too bad i didnt have any money for anything. #brokeasajoke

sunday was a good day. ward conference! not really much just that it was a way good time! and also a priest in the ward came out with us for majority of the day then ate dinner at his house, it was a good time!

so the scripture of the week is: 1 nephi 3:7 with transfer calls coming up this saturday, along with my 10 month mark! (i know, some of you didnt think id last this long. but here i am!) its just a good one to think about that no matter where i end up. even if i dont go anywhere and just stay here, its where im needed.

i love you all! have a good week! and also, as usual, the title of this song is Electric Feel by MGMT. MGMT is way good go check them out! i miss them soo much.

so the pictures this week werent taken on my camera, except for this awesome tie that i got. see, this is why i love doing service at a thrift shop. #sopoppunk


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