September 28, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Cause its too Cold for you Here.

Well everyone time is money and money is something im very short on right now. so i guess you could say im in a hurry but thats ok. ill still send out a legendary email.

so monday was pretty cool we went bowling and i set my rightful place as alpha male with a solid 175! maybe it was 179? cant remember anyways.. #unstoppable

Tuesday: We did our usual service at the lincoln library which i s a very solid place to do said service. but man, if your trunky levels are high, id recommend maybe dusting or something.

Wednesday was the day of my first district meeting as a district leader and man i dont think it couldve been any worse! #jokes we all know that since i was running that meeting it had to be nothing short of stellar. ok lets be honest, it was fairly average but hey thats not bad!

Thursday: was one of the most solid days ever. the missionaries from siloam springs came down to our area and we had a combined weekly planning sesh in which after every point we had a 3 point shootout or a round of dodgeball or something. it was sweet. afterwards we exchanged for the day and i was with the man himself elder pack! he's this little fire cracker of a guy from Pleasant Grove, Utah! he has barely been out longer than i have and he is way cool! you already know legendary times were and and will continue to be had back in the 801 after our missions!

Friday: train the trainer! this is where we as trainers get to hear about how bad of a job we are doing as trainers! again, im kidding. im doing a great job... i think. but it was solid, got to chill with a bunch of missionaries like majority of the day. i remember president shumway's train the trainer being like 2 hours and plus we showed up like a half hour late #notourfault but this one we were an hour early and it went for like 4 hours. that night we did the unthinkable... we went to fayetteville. not very many of you understand why this would be a disaster, but it was. we had some members take us up to a restaurant right off of campus and what should be going on? bikes, blues, and barbecues! its actually just barbecue, but if you say that with a hick accent it sounds pretty funny, to me. and its like one of the biggest biker rallies in the nation. ive never seen so many bikes in my life. or as many bikers. i must say i definitely dont want to be a part of that culture when im older.. yikes. but so yeah traffic in fayetteville was a mad house. and our member gave us a tour of campus too so things were really pretty packed. but it was a lot of fun! i love the U of A campus. doesnt quite have the same appeal as my UTES though!

Saturday: speaking of my utes... EVERYBODY DUCK! my Utes came back from last seasons dissapointing loss to oregon and completely STOMPED them on their home turf too! a utah man am i sir i will be til i die! that was the highlight of my satruday. i mean, i didnt watch it, but i heard about it. and actually i didnt hear about it until sunday.

So Sunday everyone came in to church all sad cause their precious razorbacks lost yet again. poor guys. its going to be a looong season for them. that and "the church's school." got their clocks cleaned by michigan. so you could call that the icing on the cake. not really sure why they think they have to support BYU ive tried telling them they dont have to. like, look at me. but whatever. anyways, it was fun, we will just leave it at that.

so this week i wanted to leave y'all with amos 3:7 and it says and i quote, without copying and pasting it from (shoutout to elder lopez for making me memorize this) "surely the lord god will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." now dont judge if the grammar is off, im not sure about that. i didnt have to memorize that. but its conference y'all! take sunday off! watch church at home! or at the builidng with investigators! whatever floats your boat!

i love you all! and i would just like to apologize for not having any pictures this week. ill get some this week i promise. have a good week!

-Elder Olsen. Alpha Male.

oh and in case anyone is wondering why my title is from the song "sweater weather" by the neighbourhood. its cause the mornings have been chilly enough for sweaters and that song is great!


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