September 21, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Imagine All The People

So this week was yet another great week down here in the Grove of Prairies. lets take a walk through it shall we?

Monday was pretty solid. i cant really think of what we did. probably just emailed and shopped. that sounds about right. #notcomplaining

Tuesday: so monday we actually had our oil changed. we have a member who is a service manager at a dealership up in fayetteville so we got to do that, only to find out we would have to come back the following day. so we spent an hour or two at this said dealership with "worldy music" playing throughout the dealership. i was pretty pleased. anyways, to put the icing on the cake, what should come on? but a couple beatles songs, i cant really remember which ones, and of course, "Imagine" from the musical master himself: John Lennon. if you dont know that song, you really need to do some evaluations.

Wednesday: i recall doing some service at the lincoln library to the shortage of district meetings being held because of the zone conference upcoming this week. so yeah that was a good time.

Thursday we did our usual service at life ministries and this said man from last week who i was afraid was going to bash us, happened to be there again. but this time we werent able to escape his grasp. so i just let him talk and talk and talk. then bore brief testimony and took off. it was our time to leave anyways. but he said he wants to have us over at his house sometime? #nothappening

Friday was zone conference! i dont really have much to say about zone conference other than it was awesome! we watched this video called "missionary work and the atonement." i highly reccomend all who come upon this email to go and watch it. i hope you have a box of tissues next to you. #tearjerker almost got me. but im not really much of a crier, but it was amazing. really.

Saturday: so from last transfer i was still really scared to go finding new people to teach again. we tried so hard. every day we were packed with finding and really didnt find much of anything. so ever since ive had my son i have been scared to go finding. i couldnt get that discouraged again, i couldnt have him get that discouaraged. but as we were planning out the day for saturday the night before, that was the only thing i could think of to do. so we just went for it. and what should happen? we FOUND! it was pretty great! we got 2 return appointments and met this really chill guy, he wasnt interested, but he gave us a couple glasses of water for the road and told us to keep the cups. so shoutout to will!

sunday was a good day. its always a good day when its the primary program! haha so yeah that was a blast. there is always the one kid out there who, when singing, is belting it out as loud as he can, only knows like every other line, and is way off key. oh man i love it.

so the spiritual thought this week is to go watch that video i talked about that we saw on friday at zone conference. not even kidding, do it.

anyways, thats about all for now. i love you all! so here, enjoy my fruits of shopping last monday:


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