September 21, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Lots of things

o yes i was aware that elder hall's brother was josh halls brother. i remember you guys asking me if i knew him when i skyped home on mothers day. and when i got the call i pieced it all together. so to answer your question he got transferred to broken arrow. a suburb of tulsa. ive got a lot to say and about 5 minutes to say it. this computer is going to kick me off here soon. were also going bowling this afternoon with the zone so ill email you after were done there. probably around 2 or 2:30. which i guess is 1 or 1:30 there time. i forget that im in a different time zone. luckily its not too bad. and so the baby squirrel was pretty much on its death bed so i wasnt too worried about it. however if it were an actual adult squirrel i wouldve worn gloves and taken precautionary actions to it. but this one was completely harmless so it was all good. ok ill email you in a little while!
so the missionaries before me were the ones who found him. but they had only taught him like the restoration and the word of wisdom. so he was a fairly new find. so i kinda count him as my baptism even though he wasnt. i realize thats not really what its about. im just saying. so training is great! my son is the man. he really likes jimmy fallon, blink 182, and... star wars. so you could say we get along great. and also, he said he got that rubiks cube on amazon. so anyways, he is from thatcher, utah. just graduated high school, and worked on a mink farm. pretty crazy, i guess haha. so yeah. umm also, scott, the one who was baptized, works at an antique shop. i found 3 elvis vinyl's while in there one day. i may just snatch those up and send them home some time.

so being a DL is pretty good. i just have to do numbers every sunday night and set up district meetings every wednesday. not really sure what else, i have to set up exchanges i believe. which sucks. i hate exchanges. cause you end up in an area for a day that you dont know at all, and you dont know the people, and you are only there for about 24 hours so you dont get to know anyone at all. its really pretty lame in my book. and now i get to do a lot of them. however last transfer exchanges came to a halt, so maybe i wont have to for a bit.

woah, i just saw what i said at the beginning of my email earlier today about elder hall... i was in a bit of a rush i must say. if that wasnt obvious.

so dad is on the high council huh? im sure yeah its not as fun as the young men, but im sure he will do alright. just have to give a talk once a month or something like that? im not really sure. but he wont be attending our ward will he? well, your ward. my ward is Prarie Grove Ward.

so i have asked the people about falls here and they say its not that great. they just one day turn brown and fall off. you will see some change but not for very long. so yeah.. but yeah im serious. you dont get to look out. you cant really see out at all. it gets frustrating.

anyways, thats all i have. love you!

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 11:06 PM, <> wrote:
Hi there!!

It's seems like there is a lot to tell you this week but right now I can't think of all of it so I guess we will see how I do.
First though, tell me a little bit more about the Brother that you baptized. Did you find him? Was he already getting the discussions when you got to PG? I think it is awesome that you had a baptism, just a little disappointed that you didn't get a picture but I am sure you are also. How is training going and being a District Leader? Do you have District meetings every week? What day do you have them? I think they have them every Friday here. I used to pick the Sisters up on Fridays from District meetings quite often. We received to very nice letters from your Mission President this week. One was to tell us that you had been called as a District Leader and one was to tell us you had been called as a trainer. He said very nice and wonderful things about you.

Oh yes! Be careful picking up sick squirrels. They bite and you could get sick. You never know what they might have!! He was pretty cute though and I love the picture. Maybe next time put on a pair of gloves or something.

I spoke in church today even though I just spoke in church last May. Oh well, hopefully I won't have to speak for the rest of the year. I guess you never know. It was all good except I was up until 2 a.m. writing my talk. I guess that isn't that unusual for me but I do feel quite tired today.

We helped Jeremy move yesterday. His house is huge and is gorgeous!! I don't know what he is going to do with all that room. He has four bedrooms upstairs and a loft. On the main floor he has a from room/library, the family room, a mud room and the Kitchen. The family room and kitchen are together so they are a great room. He also has an unfinished basement that I didn't go down to look at. He has a 3 car garage and a RV pad. We helped him get all his stuff over to the house and I unpacked his kitchen stuff but mostly he still has a lot of work to do.

Dad has a new calling now. He is on the High Council. It should be interesting I don't this he is really excited about it. I guess young men is more fun.

Hilary and Robert got back from there Honeymoon last night. They seemed to really have a good time. I am glad they finally got to go.

The Utes have won their first 3 games. Somebody else has probably told you that but I thought I would just in case. You never know, sometimes you think everyone else is doing it and no one does.

The weather here has been crazy. It rained two inches one day this week here. The rain was so bad in Southern Utah that 20 people were killed by being washed away in flash floods. It has also gotten cold. How is your weather? Dad said you are being rained on today. Hopefully it isn't too bad.

Lucas is so cute!! He is sitting up by himself now and is just about ready to crawl. He is growing up really fast.

So! I found out after Elder Hall is longer your companion that his brother is Josh Hall that lives in our ward. I am sure you know him. He is married to Doug Fairbourn's daughter, Melissa. They didn't figure it out either until he was transferred. Where was he transferred to?

How is your new companion doing? I hope he is doing well. The first little while I am sure can be tough, but I am sure you will be able to help him out a lot.

Where do you but the kind of Rubik's cube that you want?

Dad and I went to see the musical Oklahoma! I liked it but I don't think Dad liked it all that much, but then it is a musical. It was at the Hale Center Theater.

The garden is producing really well this year. Even though I only planted one eggplant this year I am still getting lots of it and lots of tomatoes also. I hope it stays warm a little bit longer so I can still get more. It is kind of fun to make my own marinara sauce.

I think you are kind of funny about all the trees. I love trees but then I guess they are not plentiful here as they are there. I bet they will be pretty when they start to turn colors. This is your first fall there. You will have to take some pictures of it.

Why did you get to see the Sherwoods again? I think that is so awesome that you did. How are they doing?

The scripture I would like to share is one that I found while preparing my talk. It is Doctrine and Covenants 84:10

110 Also the body hath need of every member, that all may be edified together, that the system may be kept perfect.

My topic was on supporting and sustaining the leadership in the church.

Well I guess I will go for now. I am not sure I remembered everything I was going to ask or tell you. Oh well, maybe next week.

I'll love you forever


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