September 14, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Thomas

Too many trees

so yeah like you said, it is really green here. but heres the thing, theres too many trees. like there isnt really any time you can see around you. you are always completely surrounded by really thick forest so you cant really see through it. even on the tops of the hills you cant see out. its kind of sad really. i would love to look out across the valleys but the trees just dont allow it. but yeah the clothesline fair was a blast. really hot though. and got yelled at from some people. but whatever, thats their problem. i even went and talked with them to see where they were getting what they were getting and to try to show where we get what we get. dont think i got anywhere, so i just let it be. nothing i could do.

so being a DL isnt too bad. except nobody told me what i was supposed to do with the numbers last night, until i was already behind on doing them. and talking with the areas about their progressing investigators. so yeah, but thats ok. i told them and told them and told them i didnt know what i was supposed to do cause i didnt see the last DL before he left so i didnt have the binder, but everyone kinda blew it off until it was too late. oh well. next week ill have it all figured out.

so training is good! my companion is the man! he is from thatcher, utah. just graduated, umm thats about it. he does rubik's cubes and stuff and even taught me how to solve them. so dont be shocked, but can you send me a rubik's cube? i dont want like a rubik brand cube though, those are too expensive. (and not very good) i cant remember the brand though, but its like dayan zhanchi speed cube i believe. its really smooth. ive got it down to about 5 minutes.

so to answer your question, last week we were at the family history center in springdale, thats why i was able to email. then we were going to go bowling after, but elder hall took too long to email so we just went to wendy's afterwards then went to the mall in fayetteville cause we didnt have time to drive to the alley and then bowl. but were probably going to go next week.

so yeah elvis is great. i hear him a lot. ever since coming out to these small towns that are still stuck in the past. old cars, town squares, elvis and the beach boys. its pretty great. so i have grown a fond appreciation for elvis. i dont really hear much other than hound dog, that seems the be the one thats always on in the stores and stuff like that but hey, its a great song.

so the weather here this week cooled down quite a bit. everyone is saying fall is like officially starting. which makes me a little nervous cause then that means winter is going to be early too. and i dont want to deal with that right now. winter was miserably cold. never felt a cold like that in my life.

also, yes! we had the baptism! my first! his name is scott tremmel. he's an awesome guy and just very open to what we have. he's got some crazy ideas of his own, but hey if they work then it works! so the baptism was awesome, we had pretty good attendance from the ward. lots of support. i think he was very appreciative. afterwards it hit me that the reason he didnt wear a white shirt and tie to church was cause he probably didnt have any. so i brought over one of my old long sleeves, (im done with long sleeve shirts.) and gave him a couple ties that night. the following day (yesterday) at church there he was in a white shirt and tie ready to be confirmed. it was cool.

so i just wanted to say that i have actually been studying in corinthians so i thought that was cool that you shared that cause i just barely read it not that long ago. anyways, i should go for now.

love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Sep 13, 2015 at 10:46 PM, <> wrote:

Well how are you? How have the first few days of being a district leader been? Tell me all about your new companion. Where is he from and all the other stuff. I think it is very exciting that you are training and are a District Leader and I am not surprised at all. I think you will be great at both. So did you have the baptism? Tell me all about that also.

How was bowling last week? I hope you had fun!! Where were you last week when you emailed? I didn't expect an email because of the holiday. I was very excited when we got it though. It was a great surprise!!

Aunt Merna will be very excited to learn that you have become an Elvis fan!! She loves him as much or more that I love The Beatles. If you can believe that. When we went "camping" with Dee, Merna brought her Elvis movies and we watched them. It was great fun.

Hilary and Robert have finally been able to go on their Honeymoon. I took them to the airport yesterday morning at 6 o'clock. I had to be to training by 7 a.m anyway so it wasn't like I had to get up way earlier that I would have anyway. They are in Portland now and then will be going to Seattle in a few days.

Jeremy is scheduled to move this weekend if all goes well. I guess there is still all the closing paperwork that has to go through but Jeremy is always so well prepared and organized that I am sure it will all be just fine. His new house is gorgeous.

Dad and I aren't going to go to Yellowstone until October now. We couldn't find a room very cheap so we decided to wait. We are going to go on October 10-12. I am really looking forward to it. I haven't been to Yellowstone since 1983. Much too long ago.

The Young Men's presidency was released in the ward today. Sean Thomas is the new Young Men's president and his counselors are Konrad Wilson and Brigham Bott. Mitch Rodgers is the new 2nd counselor in the Bishopric and Eli Preston is the new Executive Secretary. They shuffled all the clerks around also.

I had book club here this week. The weather was perfect. It was warm enough to stand to be outside while we ate and then cooled down enough that we could build a fire. There were also quite a few sisters that came so it was really fun.

Dad and I have been driving around in the Vette the last few weekends while it is still warm. I think that the weather is supposed to get colder tomorrow so we might have to stop. Maybe not though because dad is supposed to burn through the tank of gas that is in the car now and one more to clean out the carburetor. So we might get to drive it a bit longer still. Hopefully we will have some more good weather.

I googled the Clothesline fair. It looks really fun!! It looks so green there and beautiful.

We had a really great sacrament meeting today. The outgoing Young Men's presidency bore their testimonies and the new President did also. Bishop also spoke. He is a very great speaker.

So I have been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting next week. My topic is about supporting leadership even when you don't feel that you are succeeding in what you have been asked to do. Sound familiar?

The scripture I would like to share with you this week is 1 Corinthians 13. It is all about Charity and I have read this a lot before but got a whole new take on it today. I find it fascinating that it works like that but I am glad that it does.

Please keep praying for Phillip and maybe write to him.

Keep up the great work!! You are awesome!!

I'll love you forever,


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