September 7, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Alrighty everyone, so idk if y'all have noticed, but my titles are songs/lyrics. so yeah thats pretty neat.

so im like really not here today.. im really not like.. focused i guess? haha anyways, ill try my best to make sense out of things. we shall see how this goes.

so monday we went up to the renfroes! i love that place! its like a 2 million dollar mansion and the missionaries live there with them. its awesome to go there. theyve got so much stuff to do it was way fun!

tuesday: also.... i may or may not have my planner currently on me. so ill try.
other than service at the library, as usual.. i got nothing about this day.

wednesday was a solid district meeting. umm it was pretty cool. the spirit was strong. it was a couple elders last district meeting so we had a solid time!

thursday: we probably did weekly planning. we actually had a really solid exchange. some members took us to go see there aunt, and they literally taught the whole lesson. we just sat there and let them do it all! (everyone take notes. thats how it needs to be done)

Friday: i cant recall at all, like i said, im super out of it, and i dont have my planner. were actually going to go bowling right after this too so im really pretty stoked about that! hopefully i dont make them feel too bad right? haha

Saturday: we had in PG what was called the Clothesline fair. it was really pretty cool. PG has about 4,000 people in it. that day we had about 80,000. poor little town couldnt handle it. haha so we were there like a lot of the day, talking to random people, and living off the kindness of strangers. not really, some members ran some tents so we got free sandwiches and funnel cakes! #winning also, that night we had the dreaded transfer calls. where i find out that of elder hall is leaving and im staying! also, i know y'all didnt think it would ever happen, but i will have a son thursday! yep, im training! pretty stoked! also, im District Leader, so now i get to be in charge of meetings! yes, this is what i like to hear. short meetings! jokes, they will be as long as they need to go, dont worry!

sunday was cool we had like a bunch of exchanges and it was really cool. solid busy day. not other much i can really think of. like i said, im just really excited to go destroy everyone at bowling so im not really focused. sorry everyone! maybe next week!

so i was studying in 1 peter and it was great! y'all should read 1 peter 4! someone at the fair on saturday asked about baptisms for the dead so i invited them to read 1 peter 4.

also, we have a baptism this saturday we are really excited!
so, if you are wondering where the title came from, we heard it at the clothesline fair. its like the biggest youth square dance activity in the nation or something like that. and one of the dances was the man himself: elvis! i have grown a great appreciation for elvis since coming out here. i will probably go home and listen to him when that time comes. but for now, ill just hear him around town!

i love you all! have a good one!

-Elder Olsen


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