August 31, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

Tuacahn, Zions, Bryce Canyon and Jesus

so i dont have much time. my companion is good. he works hard and is very excited about the work. he is just a little overwhelming at times. he talks a lot. which is why its overwhelming. its something ive tried to work with him on all transfer, cause were both companions and i have things to say to, but it seems to be a slow up hill battle. but like i said its something were working on and something to continue working on.

but yes cam still works at spag but brennnen doesnt. i hear from cam almost every week. still havent heard from brennen.

so i was talking with one of our investigators, who is actually going to be baptized on saturday! my first one! so anyways, he works at a flea market/ antique store and he says that they have beatles vinyl's there. so im going to go see if i can get my hands on those. if i do, expect a package, cause im not going to haul those around, theyre too valuable to be packing in my suitcase.

anyways, i need to go. love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 11:38 PM, <> wrote:
Hi there!!

How are you? I loved the title of your last letter!! I am sure that you knew that I would though. How is your companion? So you never told me how well the rice krispie treats traveled. I was so afraid that they would melt all over everything so I wrapped everything really tight. I hope they made it okay.

I think it is great that you are reading the Bible. I really enjoyed teaching the Bible to my Sunday School classes (which you were in) I don't know how much anyone else got out of it but I sure learned a lot. I had always loved the four gospels of the New Testament but I really learned to love the teachings of Paul and the other writers also. I also really enjoyed the Old Testament. It has so many lessons for us today.

Dad and I went to Tuacahn and saw Beauty and Beast. Ryan and Carolyn went with us. Carolyn's family tended Lucas while we went. Carolyn and I really liked it. I am not too sure about Ryan and Dad but it was pretty good and I am not sure they would admit if they did. We did that on Friday night and then on Saturday, Dad and I drove home but we went through Zions and then over to Bryce Canyon and made a few stops there. Bryce is a gorgeous place. We should go back there sometime when you come home. They have some pretty nice campgrounds there. Dad and I are hoping to go to Yellowstone for a weekend this fall. I hope we are able to do that. We didn't get to stay too long in California so we want to do some other things.

We were able to go to Jesus' farewell today. He seemed a little nervous when we were talking to him before the meeting but he did a really good job and didn't seem nervous at all. He talked about his conversion story. It was really interesting to hear. He sent me a text today to ask for my email and address. I do hope to hear from him while he is gone. He is such a great young man. I am certainly glad he is your friend. I was a little surprised that I didn't see Josh there but I don't know if he told very many people. His mother and some of his family were there. The Bishop and Stake President spoke directly to her from the pulpit. They told her how much the Lord loves His missionaries and how much the church works to take good care of them. It was very touching and the spirit was very strong. It was a great meeting.

I just received my summons for Jury duty. I have to be on call the week of Labor Day. I was supposed to do some evening things for Learning Tree that week so I guess we will see how well that all works out. Jeremy and Ryan seem to think that because Phil is a CHP that they won't have me serve on a Jury. I would still have to go down there and all that so it should be a good time. Heck I might get out of work for a day and that would be okay.

Jeremy will probably tell you this but he pulled the offer on the house he was planning to buy so he is going to have to have another house pretty quickly. The house didn't pass the inspection so Jeremy didn't want it. He doesn't have much time to find another one. I think he is planning on about three weeks before he moves.

Things in Relief Society had kind of calmed down for awhile but it seems to be picking back up. That is okay it is a good thing to be a service to people. It was interesting that it seemed to calm down when I needed it too during the busy part of getting ready for the wedding.

We will start having Lucas every Monday night for awhile now. Ryan starts back to school and Carolyn is working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for at least three weeks. She is also going to start teaching at Weber State online again. I am pretty excited he is such a cute baby. He is almost ready to crawl.

I loved the picture thank you!! I posted it on facebook and said how much I miss you and Stephanie Smedley said that she misses you too. She also said something about missing you at Hilary's shower or reception also. Do Cameron and Bennie still work there? Do you ever hear from them? I don't see Nancy as much as I used too. I keep trying to go and see her but it isn't working out to well so far.
I decided to share some of the scriptures that Jesus shared today in his talk. Mosiah 26:20-24 was one and Mosiah 23:10. He has an amazing testimony. He will make a great missionary. Maybe almost as great as you Smile

Well I guess I better go for now I look forward to hearing from you!! Monday is the best day of the week!!

I will love you forever!!


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