August 24, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

A Working Class Hero is Something to be.

Well everyone, my creative juices are running a little low this week. theyve been going strong for the past couple of weeks i know, just give me time. next week will be great. in the words of my trainer "I JUST HAD REVELATION." - Elder Lopez. that happened pretty much everyday. never really sure if it was ever going to be a good thing or not. most of the time it was good though. so dont worry!

so like i said, not much has come to mind so ill just kinda go through the week and if anything exciting or creative happens ill just throw it out there.

so monday: remember back in my whiny cassville days complaining about not being able to do anything on P-Days? well, its nice. i enjoy it. cause in case anyone is still wondering, IM STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. and so being in the middle of nowhere, if i want to do something with other missionaries i have to cut my email time drastically and burn like all of our miles to go to like springdale or something and the whole day is just a rush. so this past transfer we've been just slowing things down on P-days and taking our time and even just chilling. so lets just say i probably wont complain about a lack of things to do on P-days anymore.

Tuesday: tuesday nothing too exciting happened. we do service at a pretty nice library in a town called lincoln. we do this every tuesday so that was cool. we also went to see a less active with a like brand new RM. he is way cool. thats like all i have to say about tuesday... sorry.

Wednesday: started off the day mowing a recent converts lawn in the rain! i enjoyed myself. wednesday was PERFECT weather. we then talked to some of the shop owners on main street and asked if they knew of anyone that we could talk too and potentially take the lessons, they said they couldnt think of anyone, but thats ok! so, most of you know, since coming to this area weve been dropped like no tomorrow and its pretty much like opening an area. so were scrambling all day every day finding. which is why i think my creative juices are low, cause im EXHAUSTED. then that night we went out to a Less actives for dinner and he has like pretty much re-activated himself and has quit all of his habits and he is just awesome! anyways, after dinner he came on an exchange with us and bore powerful testimony about how prayer and the scriptures have helped him overcome and how its played a big role in his life. it was amazing. afterwards we went and played basketball and i totally dominated. thats right. just an fyi, im not a big fan of cocky people. thats why that was funny..

so moving on to thursday: we did some service at a secondhand store, then went up to springdale for our zone training meeting and to have interviews! that was a good time. and of course, i was asked to instruct. i think i instruct at like every meeting ever.. but thats alright! cause it was fun and everyone loved it. people love me.

friday: so we had zone training meeting on thursday so friday was taken up with the dreaded..... weekly planning session. but its alright. it wasnt too bad. haha

Saturday: so we had a "goal" as a zone. kind of. so there was a sister in this mission who died a year ago in the field. and so we printed off copies of her testimony of the book of mormon and put them in the book of mormons and went to go hand them out. so we tracted, talked to formers, talked to potentials and just kept pushing. we were able to give out one testimony. but thats ok! cause it is powerful and if that person reads it, and i mean, actually reads it. they will feel that power it has. and would then be interested *fingers crossed* so afterwards we had a ward party and i totally destroyed my pants and shirt diving for a frisbee. does anyone know how to get grass stain out of a white shirt?!

Sunday was fun. our ward mission leader was released :( shout out to brother dearden! and now to announce our new ward mission leader: no one! they didnt call a new one... so yeah haha were runnin this place now! not really. under direction of the bishop. haha so then we went out with priest in our ward and he took us to his less active uncle's house. it was pretty neat! the dude had like over 300 knives in his house pretty crazy!

so this week, like last week, was hard. finding and finding and teaching when we can. it was a struggle through the week but as we kept pushing well, not much happened actually it felt like, but good things are to come! not sure what yet, but there are!

so this week i wanna leave you all with comes from the new testament. ever since i have been studying the new testament i have loved it. just the bible in general. once i got out on my mission and went through my first "bash" so to speak, i made it a point to get to know my bible. so thats what ive done. not to bash back, but to be able to help others understand where our beliefs come from out of the bible. its Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

so anyways, thats all for the week of elder olsen! hope you all have a good week! i love you all and i love this week. at times it gets hard, but just keep on pushing! and remember, " A working class hero is something to be." - John Lennon.

-Elder Olsen.


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