August 17, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

8 months out

so to answer your question, jesus just emailed me and said he leaves in 24 days... thats about all i know.

and to answer your other question, the person in cassville getting baptized is an older lady named alberta. elder lopez and i were the ones to start teaching her. so if she gets baptized we could potentially both go down to cassville again. that would be the coolest thing ever.

so the pants that fit me best were the 36's. the 34's fit, but theyre a little too tight when i have to tuck in like 2 shirts. so being optimistic, I AM going to fit into those with ease soon. so yeah i dont really remember if i told you why it mattered to me that i get smaller pants. cause i mean i do have a belt that could hold it up so what would it matter? well, so yes, my belt holds up my pants just fine, but because they were getting so baggy the belt would stick up and rub against my shirts and so then i had these black rings all over my shirts. so yeah thats why i asked for a smaller size and slimmer fit. so they wouldnt go anywhere. and also, if you did want to send another pair of 36's pretty much exactly like the pair you sent me, but khaki colored would be awesome. so we read the little letter that was sent out to us incorrectly. i can have khaki colored slacks, just not a suit. a bunch of elders have khaki's and i get jealous. well not really i just enjoy the lighter colors. i bet that helps with this heat too.

speaking of the weather. it was a much cooler week. however, it was still hot in my opinion. not as bad as it has been. but still really bad. the locals tend to say "you get used to it after a while, i still havent, but you do haha" and in my mind, if EVERYONE says that, then is anyone actually used to it? NO. its just not natural.

thank you for the package! it was awesome!

so anyways, thats about all i have for now. love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 11:17 PM, <> wrote:
Hi there!!

Tell me how you are!! How is the work? Has the weather cooled down at all there yet? How is your companion? Did you get the package we sent? How do the pants fit? You weren't sure on the size so I bought a pair of each size that you thought. So which size fit you best? Do you need me to send another pair? I started wondering about your suit pants. I don't think I can get another pair of the pants for your suit that you got from Ryan's wedding but maybe I could find some for your Michaels Kors suit. I can't guarantee it but I could look if you need me to. So how did the Rice Krispie treats survive the mail? The weather so was hot and it worried a little about them. I hope I wrapped it all up well enough.

Did I remember to tell you that Lisa Spencer is getting married? She is getting married on October 29th. It will be a very small wedding and we probably won't be invited. I think it will just be immediate family only. I am really happy for her. He seems to be a really nice guy.

It has been kind a quiet week here. We got home from California and have been trying to catch up with everything. I finally got the path weeded this weekend. I pulled five wheelbarrow fulls of weeds it does look a lot better. Now I only have the rest of the yard to do. I am going to have book club here next month in the back yard so I have to get it looking so of decent. I haven't been spending too much time on it this year with all of the wedding stuff.

Robert's father has been in the Huntsman Cancer center for a few days they diagnosed him with leukemia today. It doesn't really sound very good. He has a pretty aggressive type. They are pretty hopeful and they will do more testing tomorrow and they started treatment today. I think Robert is pretty upset by it. It is pretty scary so if you could please pray for him.

Dad has been working on the Vette this weekend. We even drove it over to the church yesterday for the first time this year.

It has finally gotten warm again here. We had one day at 98 degrees for the first time since the end of June. I of course have been loving it but no one else seems to like it nearly as much as I do.

Alex Moyes has a pretty serious girlfriend. I think they are talking about getting married. I guess they have know each other for awhile. They have both served missions and I think they dated before that. Amy likes her really well she just wishes that she would get a job. I think they seem a bit young but maybe that's not a bad thing.

Today was Andrew Phelps mission farewell. It was really nice. The topic was of course the Book of Mormon because that is what we are talking about all month after reading it last month. He gave a really good talk about the Book of Mormon being the reason he is going to serve a mission.
He goes into the MTC on Wednesday. I asked his mom to get me his email address and she said she will send it to me. I guess dad already has it so maybe he will send it to you.

When does Jesus leave on his mission? I would like to go to his farewell but maybe he will come and let me know when it will be.

I enjoy your letters so much!! I look forward to them every week. Do you realize that you have been out for 8 months now?

Well I better go now. Pray always, be obedient, study and enjoy your mission!! And wash your sheets.

I will love you forever.


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