August 10, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Caleb Hall

Can we mow your lawn?

Well everyone, im sure you are all aware. its time for yet another update about our protagonist elder olsen!

On monday he had a great day. along with his new companion elder hall, they ventured off into the great beyond to what we will refer to as... farmington. there is where the story on monday takes place. there they went to the library where they shared laughs, stories, and even shed a few tears with those folks from back home. that was it.

Ok tuesday, our protagonist, elder olsen, and his companion, elder hall, journeyed off to the distant land of lincoln. here is where our story continues. here in the lincoln library the trunkyness level was high as our two young chaps sorted through books and movies while putting them away. the tension grew throughout the day trying to figure out how the day was even going to work. with a meeting wednesday night with their new mission president, so moving all of their wednesday appointments to tuesday was quite the chore. but nonetheless our young hero pushed through and it became quite the day!

wednesday we continue in a far away land by the name of fayetteville. here is where they had a combined district meeting with the other district of the springdale zone of the arkansas bentonville mission. here some tears were shed by other members of our young lad's zone. afterwards they all departed into the wilderness to a place called "Mall of Northwest Arkansas." here they all shared a meal together in the food court. our young stallion was very satisfied with his chicken sandwich which was extremely over priced. "thanks chik fil-a" he mutters under his breath as he drops waay too much money on his "meal." and again that night, the entire zone met up at the springdale stake center to have a meeting with the missionaries of the springdale zone and their ward mission leaders. i believe they enjoyed it thoroughly.

As this story continues to unfold, little does our young trooper know of the heartbreak just about to embark its way into his life. weekly planning. with the building stress levels of weekly planning, our chaps here have concluded the dreaded weekly planning sesh and prepare to embark on a very tasking journey. only to find out that everything and everyone they had planned to see the night before either werent home or cancelled. they struggled as they searched to find something, someone, anyone to teach. where they came across some recent converts who were ever so conveniently placed in their living quarters. as the night was coming to a close a thought pops into our young man's head. "hey, can we come mow your lawn tomorrow morning when it isnt so hot?" "Sure!" she replied. as they set back off to their very own living quarters they were both very well pleased with the day.

friday was nothing short of an adventure for our brave young elder. they began the day by cutting said recent convert's lawn, which by the way, was taller than his last companion who was like 6 foot 2. as they struggled through the hot thick mess of a jungle carrying nothing but their weed eaters and gatorade they very soon realized they could start their very own landscaping business if they wanted to. later that day they realized that there happened to be a mission wide goal of having 1 active member lesson a day. this came as quite the eye-opener to the two of them as they set out to teach active members all day long. it came to a point in an active member home where the subject of ties came up, and i was asked what kind of ties he liked. as you all know, our protagonist of course said floral. so she said she would keep her eye out. she then stepped out of the room for a minute as she went ot go grab stacks of her husbands ties that he doesnt wear. our young hero's eyes opened wide with excitement as the words came out of our active members mouth, "here you go, take them all." lets just say, our young chap was very well pleased with the situation as he gained 9 new ties. what a lesson!

saturday was a very, and when i say very, i mean a VERY trying day for our young lad. lets just say, that everything that could have gone wrong for these two, did. but did that stop them from continuing on in the work and pushing through the everyday struggles and trials of a missionary of "the church of jesus christ of latter day saints?!" NO! of course that wouldnt stop him! all in all in the words of our young stallion of an elder "What a day. im exhausted." as the night came to a close they rested.

Sunday was quite the day for them. it all started at church with our hero's companion participating in a musical number entitled "be thou humble." which our young hero was supposed to accompany but wasnt quite fully prepared so he had to withdraw his name from this number. later that day in a less active's house. this said, less active had a friend over. and this said friend said she likes piano and singing and stuff. here she asked our lad's companion to sing for her. our young chap then stood up and said he would accompany him on the piano. lets just say, she is now investigating the church. ok, in all seriousness, it was awesome. it opened her up to us and now she is going to go over to this less active's house every sunday to go to church with him and to meet with us after church back at his place. #superrad

wow im excited! i hope to meet this guy some day! he sounds great. and handsome to if i might add.

so bringing it back. in all seriousness. we had an investigator challenge me to read the book of timothy. i must say it was quite the experience. so the scripture i wanted to share comes from 1 timothy 4:16. id copy and paste it here but this computer is really slow and im afraid it would freeze up and id lose all of my progress on this email. so go check it out! its great!

anyways, i love you all! i love this work and i love serving out here in Arkansas.
and dont worry, our young hero will be back next week full of great stories to tell.

-Elder Olsen


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