August 3, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

I did it!

Awesome! i had no idea that Andrew and..... shayna? i couldve told you her name like 8 months ago, that sounds right. but dont quote me. but thats awesome! tell them congrats for me! and so yeah that brings me up to my next point, i am forgetting things about back home. it feels like it was all imaginary some days. its weird. what was i saying? oh yeah, i had no idea that they were even expecting. so thats awesome!

so yeah i decided to read through the book of mormon, actually ill be honest, from cover to cover for the first time when i got to the MTC. and as i was reading through it in Cassville elder lopez told me that the book of mormon only mentions like 3 women i believe? and told me to try to find them. and i could only find 2 i believe. but yeah i thought that was a cool fact.

so my new companion is really nice. he talks a lot but he is really excited and ecstatic about missionary work.

so the work continues slowly but surely here in Prairie Grove. i love it here. i actually get a chance soon to go back to cassville. an investigator elder lopez and i started teaching has a baptismal date coming up. so when that day comes i believe we will both be able to go which would be awesome. but yeah coming into a shotgun is hard trying to figure where everyone is, their interest level, their schedules and stuff. so the work is slowly but surely picking up. i was a little discouraged for a while, but i emailed elder lopez and he helped a lot. i asked him what i could be doing to better come closer to hitting the standard. which is 20 lessons a week. and he said that it takes a lot of time and effort and that it took about 5 transfers for cassville to be where it was when i got there and that hitting 19 on mine and elder huffman's 3rd week was actually really impressive. we still havent hit 20 but we (elder hall and i) are still working hard. and besides, its not about the numbers.

so on thursday while i was waiting for the transfer loop to come back around to bentonville we went to the mission home and hung out there for a bit. got to talk with sister loveland a little bit more and she actually showed us that video. it was really cool. for our arrival we just like showed up late cause our flights were delayed and we were just walking aimlessly until we saw a guy in a suit and a tag with a lady in a dress and a tag and assumed it was president and sister shumway. anyways we were right. then we went to go find our bags only to find out that denver lost like half of our bags. cool. so yeah they should feel loved and special.

so to answer your question chiggers are the most annoying thing of all time. its kind of like a mosquito bite but more annoying. they are these microscopic little creatures that are on like all grass here and can only hold on to like socks and pants and other articles of clothing, which guess what? we are COVERED in. and so they climb around on your clothes and then they spit venom onto your leg to soften your skin and take a bite out of it. by the time you see the bite they are already gone. the problem is you NEVER only get one. its always 10+ i took a picture one day of my leg, ill send it to you. as far as im aware they dont spread disease like mosquitoes so dont worry. so yeah, i miss that about grass back home. YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TICKS AND CHIGGERS. cause man its ridiculous.

so my companion and i were talking about beatles rock band the other day and it was awesome. nothing too much else to say about it just that it was awesome talking about beatles again. my last 2 companions havent really known about beatles that much. elder stubbs didnt really enjoy them, and elder huffman just didnt really listen to them.

so thats awesome about brett! i miss hearing from him. but i hope all goes well for him! he's a great guy. tell him i miss him.

anyways, i will continue to pray for phil. when i get some stamps, are y'all sending me some? just curious. then ill be able to send him a letter. i hate how expensive stamps are.

so ill let you go for now. love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 11:59 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? I hope that the heat will start getting a little better soon. It was quite cool here at the beginning of this week but it got back up into the 90's again by the end of the week. It wasn't hot enough for me though. We don't have humidity though so that make a lot of difference. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow. We were supposed to have our street slurry sealed tomorrow but it won't happen if it rains. We have to be out of the house before 7 a.m if it happens. I guess we will see.

How is your new companion? How is Prairie Grove? How is the work and your investigators? There was a really cool video on a facebook page that I belong to call Missionary Mommas. It was from your mission and was about the some of the members meeting 30 new missionaries at the airport. It was very fun to watch. I got to see your new mission President and his wife in it.

I think I forgot to tell you that Andrew Rytting and his wife had their baby. She was blessed today. She was born on July 7th. She is sure cute.

Bret Lunceford brought his girlfriend to church today. They met while they were on their missions in Russia. She is adorable and participated in my lesson. I guess she is from California but is up here now going to BYU.

Speaking of cute babies Ryan and Carolyn had some pictures of Lucas taken and sent me some so I will try to forward them to you.

So I did it!! I read the whole Book of Mormon in the month of July!! It was awesome!! It was really an interesting thing to do. It read kind of like a novel and it was easier to get the whole story line and understand it better. I taught my lesson today in Relief Society about something that I learned while I was reading it. I taught about the women of the Book of Mormon. There aren't many as a matter of fact there are actually one three women named in the Book of Mormon that actually lived during the Book of Mormon times. So my lesson focused on how we can read between the lines and learn about the women that are talked about and referenced. It turned out pretty well.

Ryan and Carolyn went to Hurricane this weekend and Hilary and Robert went to Robert's parent's house so we just had Jeremy here for dinner today. After dinner Jeremy and I played Rock Band. We haven't done that for quite awhile. I am hoping to be able to more fun things now that the wedding is over.

I went to the dentist on Friday and Dr. Taylor asked about you. I told him you are doing really well. Dad got dental insurance and Dr. Taylor isn't a preferred provider so I might have to change dentists. That will make me sad I really like him.

I forgot to ask you last week but what are chiggers? Do you use the insect repellent I got you when you left on you mission? I did buy you some more and it will be in the package that we send. Speaking of which we will get it in the mail probably on Tuesday. I was hoping for tomorrow but the rice krispie treats need to cool a bit more. I think we have everything else that you asked for. Dad ordered you some protein powder from Costco and had it shipped directly to you. It should be there on Tuesday.

Dad and I are hoping to go to California this coming weekend. We are waiting to hear from Phillip about his schedule so we know when we can go. We should know tomorrow. We won't be staying very long this time. I don't have a ton of time off anymore because of all the wedding stuff and funerals. That is all I have taken time off for this year. It would be nice to do something fun. I guess I did get to go camping with Dee for a couple of days and that was nice. Jeremy might go with us but we have to figure out when we are going so he can decide. He likes to know a lot more in advance though so I guess we will just see. Please continue to pray for Phillip. He is going though some really bad times right now.

Well I want to share with you the story of Abish from the Book of Mormon. She has an amazing story and it gets kind of lost in the midst of King Lamoni and His wife. Anyway read about Abish in Alma 19:16-17, 28. This is the story that inspired me to teach on the women in the Book of Mormon.

Have a great week!!

I will love you forever


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