August 3, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

Disloyal Order of Water Buffalo

HMM ive been having a bit of trouble thinking about what i should have my subject to be. ill get it before the end of this email i promise.

oh and by the way, i started a new planner today so i may struggle a bit trying to remember what happened this week. my bad.

so monday: not really sure what happened. elder huffman probably packed.. i guess. oh! wait! haha we went up to where the fayetteville 2nd elders live. (with members in a freaking 2 million dollar mansion.) and played pool, ping pong, air hockey, and some foosball. it was a great time. we even went and played on THEIR tennis courts too! it was a good time.

tuesday: we did some cool missionary stuff im sure.

wednesday: elder huffman finished up packing and we went and said goodbye to people. i had an idea, so every missionary apartment has a "time-line" of missionaries who have served in the area. they take a picture together and what dates they served in the area. anyways, i decided that PG's timeline was LAME. it was all either at transfer point, the church, or at a dinner appointment. and they were all just standing there. i decided elder huffman and i had to top that. it took us a full transfer to decide what to do but we got it! and here's the thing. i forgot my camera, so ill have it attached later in the day. but we are both riding a buffalo statue in our razorback and sooners sunglasses while he was wearing a cowboy hat and i am wearing a sombrero #wecantstop now lets see if anyone can top that. i decided that i want people who serve in the areas i have served in, to look at my pictures on the walls and think "elder olsen had a great time on his mission." so instead of waking up at like 5 on thursday we got permission to go up and stay with the springdale missionaries for the night. that and we didnt have a ride from a member to get us up to bentonville that early. so that was awesome! got to spend the last night of elder bullpit's mission with him! he is like the coolest zone leader ive had! he's the man!

Thursday: transfers. so we got up to bentonville and thats where we met all the new missionaries and said our goodbye's. you must be thinking, then what did you do? we went to the new mission home and studied there and helped set up for the departing missionaries that night. afterwards we went to the mission office and helped organize some stuff. the mission office ordered pizza for us too! #itwasgreat then after that we all went to the stake center in bentonville and just hung out while waiting for the transfer loop to arrive back to be united with our companions! all in all it was a good day.

friday: cant really remember what happened. but we had some awesome lessons! i think.. well, we always do, but... yeah

saturday: well what to say about saturday.. so we went up to this liitle town called decater or something like that. and they have a community BBQ every year and they have us set up a tent there where we have BOM's and pamphlets scattered across the table. all the while some missionaries are out walking around talking to people and volunteering to help BBQing and help with the parking gate. also, for all those who are wondering, back home the best day of the year was going on called "Warped Tour." its pretty much just a full day of concerts and sun. from about 9-9 in the sun. anyways, thats how saturday was. all the while getting yelled and stuff. it was fun... yeah not really. anyways from the amount of sun i got youd think i went to warped, but nope. just standing in a parking lot taking down the chain and putting it back up.. haha it was actually fun though, im just negative sometimes.

Sunday: sunday was a good day. im not exactly sure what happened. i just remember having this awesome lesson with this guy named larry. that about it. but i love seeing larry, he knows A LOT. its always a good experience going over there.

so this week i wanted to leave y'all with james 2:18.
18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

lately weve been a lot a smack talk because were "trying to work our way into heaven." and they only want to talk to us about the bible. boom right there. i show my faith BY my works. so i just wanna invite y'all to go do something good this week! i dont care what just something good! okay? cool. anyways, this seems to be long enough for now.

i love you all! y'all are awesome go do something great! k bye.

-Elder Olsen.

PS so later today ill attach 2 pics. 1. riding a buffalo statue. and 2. selfie with the coolest zone leader ever. OH! i just figured out a subject line! see! i told y'all itd happen! its the name of a fall out boy song.

k bye.
so heres the thing. im now at this library in a town called farmington and guess what? the computers here arent good enough to email pictures to y'all. maybe if i can hop onto one of the new ones back in PG when we get back that direction i can get some on. but if not, i apologize y'all.

and also, to help out with some errors in the email, the last real paragraph is supposed to say "lately weve been getting a lot of smack talk."
AHA! so i swapped to a better computer and so heres the pic of elder huffman and i riding a buffalo in a cowboy hat and a sombrero

and last day selfie with the best zone leader of all time!


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