July 27, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

Jason is home

sorry, im really low on time. we just got back from fayetteville. the missionaries there live with members in like a 2 million dollar mansion so we hung out there and played pool and ping pong and foosball and even air hockey. it was pretty fun! anyways, so i cant really reply to your email, ill just say that if you are putting a package together could you also send me some smaller pants? like 34's or 36's? just like jason im losing weight. and most of my pants are way too big. also could you send me stamps for mailing? im way too poor to afford those. and also possibly protein powder? im also too poor to afford that. thats about it. so for the pants ive decided i hate pleats so non-pleated pants would be good. and a slimmer fit kind too. either just one or 2 pairs. preferably a black pair and a grey pair.

also i just got your letter today. i havent been able to read it yet. ill do that tonight.

anyways, i need to run.

Love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 11:18 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? Is it still really hot there? How is the work? What are the names of the people you are working with? I could pray for them by name if you want. I don't expect this to happen but did either you or your companion get transferred?

We saw Jason today. Smile I didn't know that it was farewell until we got to Ward Council and while we were waiting in the hall for everyone to come we asked someone from the 27th ward when it was. Anyway we went as soon as the meeting was over. It was pretty packed because there was a farewell today also. I heard from one of the full time Elders that there were 380 people in that meeting. Jason gave a really good talk. I wrote down a couple of things to share with you. He said "Don't doubt, Don't fear, Just do it!". I also want to just add from his talk to Lock Your Bike!! He apparently had three bikes stolen because he neglected to lock it. He also talked a lot about his future wife so apparently that seems to be on his mind. He looks really good he said he has lost 55 pound while he was on his mission. I am glad you told me he was coming home otherwise I would have missed his homecoming. I also saw Josh there and spoke to him briefly.

Uncle Bruce has been in the hospital this past week. He went in on Monday for a prostrate biopsy and then got an e coli infection and was in the ICU for awhile but he is doing better now and is home.

Dee's daughter, Lisa, got engaged this week. I think they are planning on getting married in September. Dee is pretty excited about it.

I am doing really well on the Book of Mormon Challenge for this month. I am actually ahead a day but it doesn't take long to get behind again. We have to read about 10 chapters a day. The last two days have been 3 Nephi and I think I told you how much I love 3 Nephi the last time I read the Book of Mormon. That time took me a lot long than this time. To be honest I have mostly listened to it but they said we could do that and there would have been no way I would have been able to accomplish it without listening to it with the wedding and all. One of the stories that really caught my attention this time was the story of Abish and the wife of King Lamoni so I will share the scriptures about her this week. Her story is found in Alma 19:16-17, 28. When I heard it I decided that I would teach my lesson in Relief Society this coming Sunday on the Women in the Book of Mormon. There isn't too many in there but the ones that are there are really cool.

I always really enjoy the scriptures that you share with me. Thank you for sending them.

I have starting getting all the things together to send to you. I am a little concerned about sending you peanut butter rice krispie treats with the weather is as hot as it is. I will do it though and just try to send it in a container that it won't matter to much if if all melts. I have the cd's you asked for and dad wanted me to buy you the new piano guys cd so I did. I still have to go and get you pants and a tie and then make the rice krispies and I will send it to you. Hopefully I can get it together this week. Hopefully you won't be transferred yet.

Do you or can you ever hear from anyone from Cassville? I really liked Sister Sherwood. She was just so very nice.

Please pray for Phillip this week. He is doing pretty well but just needs some extra prayers this week. If you could include him in you fast for this come fast Sunday that will be great. We hope to be able to go and see him the second weekend in August.

I hope you are able to send some pictures soon. I miss seeing you cute face!!

I'll love you forever


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