July 27, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

National wear your ugly tie to pros (proselyte) day!

"Oh ye that embark in the SERVICE of god..."

SO this week was a little low if you are looking at the numbers but guess what? thats not what its all about! this week was PACKED and im talking PACKED with service. im pretty sure it was the hottest week of my life but hey, i have never been more tan in my life so at least i got that going for me!

Monday was cool. we did preparation day stuff. actually we didnt go anywhere this week so we had a bunch of time to just lounge and stuff. #maxchilling

Tuesday: i dont really remember tuesday. (i forgot my planner to email today so i cant recall anything really) but im sure it was great! oh yeah, we did service at a library in lincoln. that was cool!

Wenesday: we went up to a town called siloam springs and had district meeting. seeing the fact that we dont have a gps we had no idea how to get to the building there so we car-pooled with the fayetteville missionaries. after district meeting our district leader had to do baptismal interviews in siloam so we all had to go to this tiny town out in OK somewhere. it took a big chunk of the day.

Thursday: we did service at life ministries. which is this 2nd hand store place. pretty cool. dont really remember what happened. oh for dinner that night the house we were at knew i love corn now so they hooked it up and made a mountain of corn on the cob. i think i ate like 5 ears? not really sure what the term is. im new to this whole corn thing.

Friday: we went and helped someone move and it was pretty easy! there were pretty much ready to go! anyways, after that we went back to life ministries and helped out there some more. (they were having this HUGE yard sale and needed a lot of help. i got a free hackey sack out of it! then did more missionary work!

Saturday: we arose at like 5:45 to go do what? HELP OUT AT LIFE MINISTRIES! set up the yard sale until 8:30. then head to our apartment, get picked up, then head out to the middle of nowhere. and i literally mean that. to go help a less active move out. anyways, ill keep it brief. it was gross. she has 3 dogs and 2 cats and they just pretty much own that trailer. ill leave that to your imagination. went home, ate lunch then went and helped out at life ministries yet again. this time taking down the yard sale. came home and showered and got ready, went to go proselyte. after everything falling through on us, we went and had our dinner then tried more things, which still fell through on us. so we went to a recent converts and were like "if we show back up here in 10 minutes in different clothes can we mow your yard?" so anyways, long story short, we ended the night doing service. also, transfer calls. im staying here! im follow up training an elder named elder hall! i guess his older brother is in my ward back home or something like that! #howneatisthat?

Sunday: so yeah we had church where elder huffman was like :ive met like half of you, but bye! i enjoyed it. thats the most i recall of sunday.

so to answer your question about the title of this email. i received a rather large bag of rather hideous ties. i love them. anyways, every friday is "national wear your ugly tie to pros day" its a lot like bring your kid to work day, but its different. im sure you can figure it out. so yeah if you see me on a friday, im probably wearing an ugly tie!

so in case y'all are wondering where my spiritual thought is, go look at the top of this email! if you can figure out where its from ill give you a... actually im super broke #missionarylife but hey good for you for knowing your stuff!

anyways i love you all! until next time!

-Elder Olsen.

i call this picture, "workin hard or hardly workin?" and yes, that is our 13 year old recent convert mowing his lawn and not me. but hey, i was at least ready for the picture!


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