July 20, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman


yeah you gave me their address last week but i still havent gotten around to writing him yet. we've been super busy lately. its weird to think ive already been away from cassville for 1 month and home for 7. i almost mixed those 2 up. i really do miss cassville. it was my home. i love it there. and i love the people there. i know im where im needed and im here for a reason. im just saying, if i end up moving out to cassville area in the future dont be surprised..

so yeah things in this area are picking up. which is expected for being here for as long as we have been. that and yes, i do feel much better now. yesterday i wasnt feeling right. not sick, just off. i woke up at about 4 in the morning and got up and just about fell over, i was dizzy most of the morning. i think it is because we spent just about all day in the sun between biking and tracting on saturday. i had plenty of water too which is what confuses me. i have a 33 oz. smart water water bottle and i drank 3 of those that day. maybe that still wasnt enough. but after church i was just fine. not really sure, but nothing to be worried about.

camping sounds like fun! i really miss being able to do things too but things we be there waiting for me to do when i get home.

want to hear something crazy? jason comes home this week! so tell him hi! its weird to think he is about 4 days out from being done with his mission.

so i told hilary, but my ward mission leader and his wife both went to hunter high school and he graduated in 2001 and his wife in 2002. maybe she knows them. but yeah so we do have some utahns out here and so maybe ill be able to celebrate the 24th. i still remember last year's 24th of july. i was stuck at work all stinking night cause it was way too busy. that was the best 4th and 24th of july ever. (both nights i was at work)

so some members here have a stained glass shop and one day we stopped in and said hello! they gave us some water and let me cut some glass! that was my favorite part of that class. so it was fun.

so has jesus dropped off a tie yet? also, i was wondering, if y'all get a package started up again i could use some things again.
a stain stick would be very useful. also some new pants. ive decided all of these ones i have except for like 1 pair are way too big now. im down to either a 34 or a 36. also some peanut butter rice krispies. those are great. and lastly, a cd by a group that is approved called "The lower lights." if you could just send a couple of their cd's my way. at least "A hymn revival vol.2" and just any other random one. i guess i have some of this one already. elder lopez gave me a mix cd he made and their on there.

anyways, i need to run. love you! have a good week! and i am actually really curious, has jesus dropped off a tie yet? you can reply, i wont reply back.
so i am ordering my priesthood line of authority. what was the date i was ordained an elder? not a full time elder, just regular elder.

On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 11:38 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? I hope you are still feeling okay. I am so sorry that you have been so sick. Did you need your insurance information? I hope that if you did that the numbers that I gave you worked.

Did I remember to tell you last week that I gave you the wrong address for Phil? His address is actually 620 January Street, Nipomo, CA 93444.

Dad went to Youth Conference this week and I went camping with Dee and Merna. I had such a great time!! Dee has a really nice trailer with beds and a shower and toilet. It is heated and air conditioned, has a refrigerator, stove, oven and TV with a disc player. We watched some Chick flicks and talked a lot. We went to Lava Hot Springs and sat in Hot pools and Friday. It was so nice and warm. I am not sure why I haven't been doing this for my whole life! I have been to Lave for family reunions before but I have never been in the Hot pools. I am sure that I want to go back soon!!
We also went to the cheese factory in Logan and bought squeaky cheese and had Aggie ice cream. Both were wonderful!!

Dad and I have been practicing with the smoker. Today we smoked country style pork ribs. They were really good. We are still trying ot get the time and temperature right. I think we are getting better at it.

I am still really tired after the wedding. I was hoping to get caught up on sleep while camping but I didn't sleep very well. Maybe next weekend. It is the 24th of July. You probably won't get to celebrate that but if there are some Utah Mormons they might invite you to do something.

Lucas is getting so cute!! He is starting to move around and is learning to roll over. It won't be long now until he is crawling and walking. He is laughing and playing with his toys now also. He is so fun and it is great to have him so close.

Dad and I are planning to go to California probably the second weekend in August. Nothing is set yet. We are trying to wait for Phil's schedule.

I talked to Victor this week. He asked about you. He will be here for a couple of weeks and then he is going to Japan. It is certainly great to have them live there again.

The Elders brought me cookies this week. I thought that was really cute and nice of them.

I am still working on the Book of Mormon challenge for this month. I have gotten behind with the wedding and the camping trip but I am hoping to catch up soon. This is something that I really want to do!!

Well I am falling asleep so I guess I'd better go for now.

I'll love you forever.


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