July 20, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

Hey there! im a hot sweaty mess! wanna join our church?

This week has easily been the hottest week of my life.. so if any of you back home are complaining about the heat, guess what? i dont feel bad for you AT ALL.

so lets jump in here.

monday: if the computers here at the Prairie Grove library werent so awful id attach some pictures, but we went to an art museum called crystal bridges and it was pretty neat! its got some really cool architecture and a lot of pretty cool art. didnt really get to see a ton of pottery but thats alright. also, many of you know and many of you dont know, but now will know: i HATE mannequins! theyre creepy! i just feel like everytime im near one its just gonna grab me and scare the crap out of me. so anyway, they had the most life-like mannequin of all time there and i just about passed out. ill attach some pictures when i can. also, we finished early and the bentonville missionaries were like "now what?" and i was like, "lets go to a thrift shop and get some ties!" and they were like, "we have a bag in our trunk. you can have it." so yeah i got a bunch of ties too! mostly super ugly ones ill never ever wear but thats ok.

Tuesday: not too much happened tuesday. had a good amount of lessons and even got haircuts from a less active in kid in the ward so that was cool.

Wednesday: district meeting out in fayetteville, then went to a taco truck as a zone and had some great food! that was probably the most exciting thing about wednesday.

Thursday: so we decided it was "too bad" to go biking. WRONG. it was awful! we went to a neighborhood like on the edge of PG and i just about melted. most of you know, im not a big fan of this whole "humidity" thing. it sucks. thats about all i can say about it. every time you walk outside it is just a wall of heat that immediately makes you regret ever walking outside in the first place. so we then biked to our dinner appointment and i was just a mess. went on splits afterwards and went hometeaching. so that was fun. after meeting back up our member was like "im hungry. lets go to sonic." and everyone knows, its half price shakes after 8pm. so we went to sonic and he offered to pay. so i ordered me a shake. i was being a little.... adventerous. so i ordered their jalapeno chocolate shake. dont do that. ever. thats all i have to say about that.

Friday: we were on exchanges with the fayetteville elders and so that was a good day. my companion for the day was like a psychology major or something like that. when we got back to PG i called an investigator and asked if we could come by or do service or something and she said yes so we went on over there. we met up with her boyfriend and went in to the carport and he gave us gloves and said "im not giving you these gloves because this is all super nasty disgusting, well, it is, but im giving you these because everything is full of black widows and we dont want anyone to get bit." yeah... probably shouldnt have said that man. i was paranoid the rest of the day.

Saturday: so yeah saturday we were like, "weve been to fayetteville too many times. so we are way over on miles. lets ride our backs to that edge of PG again and tract that neighborhood! yeah!" so we did. and riding out back to the edge of PG up hill in the 100 degree heat plus humidity. not our best idea. so we get there and asked one of the members in the neighborhood if we could park our bikes at their place. they invited us in and made us icees. as im standing there im just straight up dripping with sweat all over the place. i felt bad but at the same time i didnt. there wasnt a whole lot i could do. my bad everyone. ate our icees and off to tracting we went! we tracted that whole subdivision! and 0 amounts of anything came from it. but thats ok! hopped back on our bikes and rode home. guess what? it was still hot and it was still uphill! thats right. uphill both ways. #dedicated #workhard then at the end of the night we were in a neighborhood where the people who own the candy company live, yes. we biked there. and its the other edge of PG. so they gave us more lollipops and offered to drive us back to our place after we were done with our appointments over there. also, one last thing about saturday. saturday marked 1 month since i have been out of cassville. i miss it like crazy and miss the people but like i told them all. "Ill be back!" and im where im needed and working hard.

Sunday: nothing too exciting happened on sunday. like we went to church and we were sitting by a less active lady in sacrament and i was itching my chigger bites and she grabs my arm and was like "stop." and i was like "But its itchy!" she was like "chiggers?" and im like "... yeah" then she was like "thats not going to help it at all." and i was like "i know but its itchy!" haha it was funny. made me think of mom. seems like something she would do.

so again, as many of you know, and those who dont but are about to find out. i have a story about corn. so, i hate corn. ive never liked it. had canned corn once and decided it was awful. so it was the 3rd of july and we walked into a members house for dinner and i saw corn on the cob and i was like "oh no.." but to be polite i took some. so when it came time for it i lathered that thing up with butter and just went for it. i must say, it was delightful! its fantastic! im like pretty much famous around these parts now for all the corn i have eaten! everyone says that if theyre having the missionaries over to have corn on the cob even if it doesnt belong.

so i just wanted end as i usually do. with a scripture. this one has been one thats been on my mind since saturday morning when we were having companionship study with the fayetteville missionaries. its romans 14:1. a lot of people like to bash us and this, coming from the bible, states that nothing good comes from disputations. it doesnt strengthen anyones faith. and its been a good reminder that if anyone wants to bash, nothing is going to happen except a bad taste in my mouth. and to leave when that situation comes around again.

anyways, time is short. but i love you all! keep on keeping on!
Oh and also we just found out that we are having a special mission-wide conference with ELDER BEDNAR! he is coming on september 12th! super stoked about that!


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