July 13, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

"you just woke me up from my nap!"

so here we are with yet another somewhat successful week! just kidding, all weeks are successful!

so last monday im sure you all saw that picture that i sent out. so we were up in springdale emailing with the zone in the family history center and there was a family there having a family reunion. they had a huge cotton candy machine and those huge ball things to go run around in and flatten anyone in your way. so we all thought itd be great to go join them but we just stayed and emailed. when all of a sudden an elder runs in and was like "EVERYONE IN THE GYM! NOW!" so we all hurried things up and went over and ate some cotton candy and leveled anyone in our way. kinda reminded me of my concert-going days. probably the closest thing ill have until im back home! it was great!

tuesday: we went up to fayetteville yet again to go to the urgent care yet again so i could get some antibiotics cause i just was not getting any better. oh and also everything flooded that day. next week ill include some pictures. its weird, everytime things get floody people end up in the ditches on the side of the road...

wednesday: didnt do too much. we were able to see 3 less actives that day though so that was a good time!

thursday: weekly planning! yay! (sarcasm) so after weekly planning we were going out with priest and he was like you know, ive been going out with missionaries for almost 2 years now and ive never gone tracting... side tangent real quick, it is illegal in PG to tract without a permit which we did not have, but luckily we cover 3 towns! anyways, bringing it back. i was like "wanna go?" and he was like "yeah sure!" so we went up to farmington and went tracting. it was great! i like tracting a lot in case anyone wants to know. we were able to place a BOM and set up a return appointment with someone who hasnt been to a church in a while but wants to start getting back into it! and he knows some members who were a good example to him so hopefully good things come! after this house we got a call from one of the people we saw yesterday and she was like "Hey my dear missionaries, y'all better buckle down! theres a tornado coming this way! their calling for 80 mph winds and lots of rain!" so we were like "um lets head back to PG." anyways some suuper dark clouds rolled in and all it did was rain crazy hard. well there was a lot of thunder and lightning too but yeah it was fun. also that night we were teaching this guy who is like super ready for the gospel and set a baptismal date with him for the 25th! i know he can be ready by then! he has already given up all of his word of wisdom things for several weeks now and he's just ready and committed. its awesome!

Friday: friday was inneresting. so we got a hold of the master mason for the town of lincoln so he gave us a tour of the masonic lodge there. how neat is that?! we talked a lot about different religious things it was a really cool experience. then after wards just outside in the town square this groundskeeper guy came and was just like bashing us so i was just like umm were leaving. so yeah haha it was fun. i actually do enjoy when people do that. like it just doesnt get you anywhere and doesnt make me change my beliefs at all. which is what we told him. its all you can do. testify and walk away.

Saturday: so friday we got a tracting permit to tract PG and so we did some of that friday but saturday was the real kicker! we tracting for like half of the day. everything was falling through and just not going to plan. so we tracted and tracted and tracted some more. some guy was driving by doing summer sales for vivint and he served a mission in cleveland ohio and he's from utah! pretty cool guy, he then gave us 20 bucks to pay for our dinner! thats pretty neat! oh yeah so in case any of you are in PG for some weird reason and are knocking door to door, do not do kennan st. at 2 in the afternoon. like literally that entire street was like "umm you just woke me up from a nap so not right now." either that entire street went to bed or... ill leave that up to you to decide what was really going on.

Sunday: i really dont know what to say about sunday. we were just super busy. majority of everything went to plan. it was great. it was just a spiritually high day.

today were going to go to crystal bridges up in bentonville. which is a super nice art museum and apparently majority of it is free! so were pretty stoked about that.

so earlier this week i was reading moroni 7 in my personal study and i must say, never has any chapter hit me like this one. i would encourage y'all to go check it out! take some notes!

anyways i love you all! and hey, elder huffman is like rolling in letters right now, so if y'all could write me some physical letters thatd be awesome! k thanks! my addresss is 302 So. Mock St. Apt. A4. Prairie Grove, AR. 72753. have a great week!

-Elder Olsen


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