July 6, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

A Moment of Silence for the OTM

So this week was cool. yet again, i forgot my planner so bear with me everyone!

Y'all know what happened monday. we went bowling and i threw down. anyways, moving on.

Tuesday: i dont really remember what happened tuesday..

or wednesday. except that on wednesday we officially had a new mission president and a new mission all together! oh wait actually i remember dinner wednesday night! so wednesday night at dinner. backing this up real quick, we have heard stories about eating here, like, not good stories. and guess what? we walked in and it looked great! we had an "early 4th of july celebratory dinner." it was hotdogs chili and coleslaw! what could be so bad about that! so one of the many great things about this part of the world is coleslaw. so i put a nice heaping pile on my plate because it is delightful. were all just talking it up and i go for my first bite of coleslaw.... (in my head) "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?!?" *takes 2nd bite* then it hit me. "this stuff is loaded with pineapple!" for all who dont know, i cannot stand pineapple. and now here i am with like a pound of pineapple coleslaw on my plate i need to fight through. it was rough.

Thursday: We did service at this 2nd hand thrift store again and got bashed on yet again.. sort of this time. this time this lady gave us a pamphlet and it just talked about how there is no hope for humanity and stuff and then how i needed to be saved and stuff. yeah it was kinda interesting. just after we got yelled at and told that if we volunteer there we arent allowed to be handing anything out and we were like "umm ok. we havent and wont. we just wanna volunteer." then someone handed "material" out to us.. inneresting. also, this brings me to my next point. the locals here dont say "inneresting" like the locals back in cassville! haha oh well.

Friday: Friday we went up to Bentonville for a small brief zone conference where we got to meet our brand new mission president and his wife! president and sister loveland! theyre great! pretty excited to be working with them for the next like 17 months! and i must say, bentonville is a nice place. all thanks to walmart. thank you walmart.

Saturday: we had a ward 4th of july breakfast so that was nice! cant turn down free pancakes. umm pretty slow day. but we met up with a recent convert at the battlefield state park and she showed us around the place. for those of you who dont know, PG has a lot of history and there was a civil war battle here in PG. and so we walked around the park and she showed us the Confederate HQ and all sorts of stuff. how neat is that?! then that night we spent the evening at a members house cause the higher ups said that if we didnt have anything going on or if we werent with members to go home. so yeah we had permission to stay with them until 10 and light fireworks! it was awesome spending the 4th in a small little 'MERICA! town.

Sunday: totes forgot it was fast sunday until we got there. oops. next week. but it was a cool day. sadly, had dinner over at one of the members of the bishoprics house and guess what? he is an alabama fan.... sad day. and his wife is a BYU fan. i just couldnt seem to get a break! haha no they were great. just arent aware of the potential they could have! haha

so today (july 6th) we went bowling again. i guess its a zone tradition. but i did terrible today so we wont talk about that.

oh not only to mention, all the while i was like deathly ill. i think tomorrow we are going to have to go to the urgent care up in fayetteville and see if im going to die or not. (hopefully not). this is kind of a good story. so elder huffman got sick like our first full week here. he had a sore throat, cough, sneezing all that jazz, then to top it off, one day he woke up and was like hey i have pink eye. and i was like "what kind of walking plague am i paired up with?" anyways, he gave ALL of that to me this week. so yeah haha i thought it was a funny story. its really paraphrased right now but its pretty rediculous. it really is a funny story i promise.

so the scripture i wanna leave y'all with is DC 10:33. before my mission i really questioned if i wanted to go at all and if i even had a testimony. but that wasnt me. i knew i wanted to serve and i knew the gospel was true and im so glad i did go.

anyways, i love you all, and i can add pictures this week!

pic 1: the cake the sherwoods made me a couple weeks ago! so sick!

pic 2: tie burning at 6 months!
so this just happened and it was way fun!
so this was what the flood looked like a couple weeks back in lincoln.

pics 1 and 2 was the river flowing through the front yard of these peoples house that we were teaching at.

pic 3: the side of the road. notice how you dont see where the water stops? yeah thats what we were driving in... scary stuff.

pic 4: random picture of a house that got pretty flooded. they are alright though!


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