July 6, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

Dad met Elder Huffman's mother

yeah i was a little worried it wouldnt get there in time but apparently it did! so i guess jesus went and got me a floral tie and was asking when he could drop it off. i told him anytime after like 6:30. so if he stops by, dont be too surprised!

so i have decided now that i have figured out how the whole mail thing works im going to write physical letters to phil. cause ive emailed him a couple of times but that doesnt seem to work. cause he hasnt replied once. so what is his address? i wonder if maybe then id be able to hear from him.

so no i did not know that i have been out for 200 days but that is a pretty cool fact! its crazy to think ive been gone for over 6 months now.

so hopefully all of the decorating and stuff is going well and planning and things! weddings seem like too much work if you ask me. they need to be way simpler. but to be fair, when i get married, im not going to be the bride so its not really up to me.

yeah so one day someone asked me what my parents did for a living and so i told them. whenever anyone asks me what dad does i tell them he is a drafting designer. and then asked me if dad does anything specific. so i told them he does commercial kitchens and does it for a restaurant supply company in salt lake. then elder huffman was like: "hey ive spent some time in a restaurant supply store before!" and i was like "Really? Where?" and he told me resco so i told him thats where dad worked! so he told his mom and apparently she just went down one day and asked for him! she sent him a picture and he is going to send it to me. i thought it was pretty cool.

so for the fourth we were over at a members house and the assistants said that if we were with members than we could stay out til 10. but that if we werent with members to go home early. so our members at dinner kept us over til 10 and we went over at like 9 to the highschool and we went and lit off fireworks. they have a 17 year old young man and so when we went over to the high school he wanted to go climb the band tower where the band director directs the marching band. so we went up there and the 3 of us watched the fireworks for like the entire town. it was cool.

so to answer your question, i have now been sick for 8 days. tomorrow we are probably going to have to go to fayetteville and go to the instacare and get some antibiotics cause i thought it was going to go away but still hasnt. but that hasnt slowed down our work!

but anyways, i need to run for now. love you!

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 11:20 PM, <> wrote:
Hello there!!

I got the birthday card you sent me. Thank you so much!! It was a very nice surprise and it came exactly on my birthday Smile. I had a really nice birthday. I had to do some wedding stuff during the day but then we went to dinner at Bucca de Bepo's. I got a new solar lamp for the patio, it is really pretty. We haven't put it up yet though because we have to find something that we can anchor it to. Hopefully we will get that done soon. Dad also gave me a beautiful diamond necklace. It is so gorgeous I just love it!! Then we did some fireworks in front of the house. Ryan and Carolyn didn't stay for the fireworks they didn't think Lucas would like them very much. They are probably right.

Lucas is so cute and he is learning to do so many things. He has learned to roll over now and he smiles and talks (cooes and gooes) all the time, He is getting to be so much fun.

Did you do anything for the 4th of July? I wondered about that. I wouldn't think it would be really great contacting day. Everyone is busy doing family stuff and BBQ's and stuff. We smoked a brisket. We didn't cook it long enough though, It tasted really good but wasn't tender enough. Today we smoked a turkey breast. We are still learning about getting everything cooked at the right temperature and for the right amount of time. By the time you get home we should have it perfected!! I think we will try something else while Phillip is here. Maybe ribs or a pork roast for pulled pork burritos or something.

Zach Garner got his mission call this week on my birthday. He is going to California San Fernando Spanish speaking. He leaves in October. Dad thought that sounded like a long time away but then I had to remind him that it is only 3 months away.

We had another death in the ward yesterday. It was Pat Lowe's husband, Tiny. You know Pat, she is the one that had the Mastiff dog named Ruby. I don't know what is going to happen to Pat now. I don't know if she will be able to stay in the home by herself or not. It is so very sad and quite sudden. They just found a tumor on his liver and he had surgery on Wednesday and just wasn't doing very well and he passed away yesterday.

Well the wedding is this week!! We are getting stuff done but there is still lots of things to do. The biggest thing I am concerned about now is the cupcakes. I am going to make all the cupcakes. I figure I will have to do around 500 cupcakes for the reception. I still have to organize everything and get it all ready to go in an organized manner.

Hilary started moving out this weekend. You can see her bedroom floor again. It is quite amazing!! She was hoping to have it all done before she gets married but she might have to do some of it after. She just has a lot of stuff to do still, It's all very exciting!!

Did the pictures that I sent last week come through? I hope so. I will send more next week of the wedding.

As of this minute, Phillip and Anna and family are still planning on coming for the wedding. Anna's mom is doing okay. She has stage on lobular breast cancer. Stage one means that it hasn't spread throughout her body and treatment should be pretty successful. She still has to go through chemo and radiation but at least the outcome should be good.

Dad met Elder Huffman's mother this week. I guess she has a business where she makes gluten free stuff and she sometimes shops at RESCO so when she went into the store she asked for dad. That is so fun!! I wish I could have met her also.

How are you? How is the work? That is exciting that you set a baptismal day!! Have you met your new Mission President? It might take him awhile to get to meet everyone but you are pretty close to the mission office aren't you? Did you know you have been out for 200 days now? Just a little fun fact that I thought I would share with you.

I am doing pretty well with keeping up with the reading of the Book of Mormon that the Bishop challenged us to do. I was kind of worried about getting it done this month with the wedding and everything but then they said we could listen do it. So I am listening to it while I do wedding stuff. It is kind of cool.

The scripture I want to share with you today is 2 Nephi 31:3. It was a scripture that was we talked about in Sunday School today and I really liked it.

Take care of yourself. I hope you are feeling better. How long were you sick? Be obedient, work hard and pray always.

I'll love you forever.


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