June 29, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman

"Why are you in suits?! its like 80 degrees outside!"

well here we are with a very eventful week here in prairie grove. i dont really have much to say for like a clever/witty intro... sorry.

monday: so monday was cool. umm we just did the usual p-day stuff. not too much to do. in case anyone is wondering, im still in the middle of nowhere. actually, im in the middle of nowhere in arkansas now, as opposed to missouri. umm yeah just wanted to apologize for last week not being able to add any pictures! we went to the PG library to email, and those computers were awful. so hopefully the computers here in farmington are better! (we will find out at the end of this email.)

tuesday: umm we went out to lincoln (the locals call it Stinkin Lincoln) and met with a part member family the previous missionaries had been working with and set a dinner appointment for friday. met with some AWESOME recent converts, then met with another recent convert! haha it was a good day.

wednesday: so our district meeting was supposed to be at our building here in prairie grove and then like the night before get a call saying that "jk its in fayettville! heres the address! have fun finding the place without a GPS!" (that is more or less how that conversation went). then afterwards we were stoked because we ate lunch as a zone at the (wait for it) the Northwest Arkansas Mall! it was cool to go to a mall again. then going back home we are both stoked because we had so much stuff going on planned and it was just going to be a great day. anyways, long story short. everything but one appointment fell through.

Thursday: we went and did service at this place thats kinda like a thrift shop. we would just like go grab a box of different priced item and go and place them on the shelves. when all of a sudden this old guy came and started bashing us.. the very first words out of his mouth to us were " you poor people.." and we were like "umm us?" then yeah he just went to town on us. so we stated our beliefs, which isnt what he was looking for. so we just like walked off and trying to work, then he would come out of nowhere and continue to bash us. it was pretty cool. well i thought it was funny. eventually one of the higher ups at the store had to come and tell him to leave us alone. which he didnt. but thats ok! we then had a solid weekly planning session and stuff. it was cool.

Friday: So we had no idea what to do with our day, so we got permission to call one of the previous elders in the area and ask him what they would do. so he told us that they would go up to the antique shops and talk to the owners and that the owners love us. so we did that for a while and that was pretty awesome! then went to a less actives up in lincoln. and it was raining hardcore on the way there. i was actually pretty surprised that we hadnt had a flood warning. so about halfway through the lesson at his place, a flash flood warning rolled through. real quick not-so-fun fact: prairie grove does not get tornadoes! :( ok so back to the story. and you can just here the rains coming down. since we were inside we couldnt see the floods coming up. but they most certainly did. after the lesson we went outside and he had a very new lake in his front yard included was a river flowing into it to fill it up. it was insane. i will have pictures included. then on our way to dinner in lincoln like all of the roads were flooded so i was just like "yeah.. were going home." there was at least 3- 3 and a half feet of water in some areas. and we also saw a truck nearly get washed off the road. pretty sketchy stuff. but yeah that was friday.

Saturday: saturday was rough. we had "something meaningful planned for every hour of the day." and backups to go with it. but everything and i literally mean everything fell through. it was days like saturday that make me wish tracting was legal in PG. but so it was like literally 8:55 and we still didnt have a lesson for the day. so we like just started running around trying to find anyone to talk to. anyways we found someone to talk to who was like super nice and awesome! so that def. helped out our moods that day.

Sunday was cool. had some investigators at church which is always great! but then pretty much the same things happened after church. everything that could have gone wrong did. oh yeah, my comp came down with something on like monday and i didnt pick it up until sunday, so yeah i pretty much died yesterday but thats all good. and so we were able to head back up to lincoln and meet up with that part member family and set a baptismal date with the mom of the family so we are pretty stoked about that.

so this morning our zone leaders were like hey lets go bowling and i was totes up for that. so i asked elder huffman if we should wear proselyting clothes or normal clothes. and so he said that one time he went bowling in tulsa and he and his comp were the only ones in regular clothes and the assistants even showed up, so i was like umm yeah we will wear pros clothes. so anyways, showed up and we were the only ones in pros clothes and even got some crap for it and guess who out-bowled everyone even in pros clothes?!? you know it! haha ive still got it! my cassville scores were terrible, but i destroyed everyone here in springdale. this alley was EXACTLY like the bonwood. just less lanes. but yeah i think i doubled everyones scores. i was sitting in the 160's. which was alright. couldve been better. but its ok! haha oh and we went to the PG library to look up the address for this bowling alley real quick so we could MAP our way there. when some kid comes in and was like "why are you in suits?! its like 80 degrees outside!" and elder huffman was like "actually, its 96 degrees outside. but its cause were missionaries." that was hands down like the funniest answer to that question. and just so everyone knows. we werent in suits, i WILL NOT wear a suit when i am not required to!

anyways i just wanted to leave y'all with a scripture that i came across the other day. sorry, random side tangent. if i were in cassville id say that i wanted to leave a scripture with youins. but people here dont say that. so i have to go back to y'all. and its Mormon 8:22. short and powerful. those are the best.

anyways, i love you all! keep up the good work!

-Elder Olsen.

Pic 1: pic from this last zone conference a few weeks ago. and by the way. if you can find me in there i look fantastic in case anyone is wondering. im over on the left side.

well, i dont have the flood pics. next week!


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