June 22, 2015


Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Elder Huffman


ok so pretty much this week was pretty great i must say!

so where to start? well, how about with monday? ok!

monday: i packed. that was about it... haha so nothing too new. but packing! yay! oh yeah, so at the end of the night i was getting super trunky cause like, i was finally leaving cassville.not really sure what to do with myself. so at a little after 9, back at the apartment, there is a field right behind our place, so i went and grabbed a jar and went chasing fireflies! haha it was great. theyre pretty hard to catch at night though. like when its still kinda bright out its easy. but when its dark its super hard. cause you run to where the flash was, see nothing, then see another flash like 10 feet away so you run to where the flash was, see nothing, then repeat.

tuesday: so pretty much just saying goodbye to everyone... we also got to go do some farm work again! i really do enjoy myself doing farm work. like i said, i probably couldnt do it for like my life but its fun to do it every once in a while. we went out to my branch mission leaders place and helped feed the puppies and play with them (they are dog breeders). And so there are like a million little huskies and its just great! then afterwards went and herded some calves. in case anyone is wondering, calves DO NOT listen! OH! ALSO! a priest in the branch had a floral tie and he came out with us and i kept telling him how much i loved it. long story short, my search for a floral tie has come to a close! well, dont get me wrong. i still need more floral ties. but i finally got my hands on one! (dont worry, he got one of mine.)

Wednesday: the final day in the ville! (cassville) pretty much same deal. seeing a bunch of people and saying goodbye to them! then to end the day going out to the sherwoods for the final time (for now) and there we had their famous fish tacos! and to top that off for dessert they made like the greatest cake of all time! and i need to apologize to elder lopez, but sorry, my cake was way better than your sharknado cake... #callout it was literally like 15 inches tall and was shaped like a "mountain" and had me at the top skiing, elder stubbs and elder lopez about halfway down on snowboards! it was great! and also their were trail signs for different runs which were some of my sayings that i am famous for. then after eating the cake, in case anyone was wondering, it was my 6 month mark! does anyone know what that means? tie burning! thats right! and freaking brother sherwood took my tie and stuffed some fireworks in there when i wasnt paying attention. (typical.) anyways, said goodbye to the sherwoods, went back out to my branch mission leaders and said bye there, then that was it.

Thursday: transfers! got to see a bunch of people again! not everyone i would have liked to, but still got to see a lot! then arrived here in PG! (prairie grove) anyways, pretty small town. barely bigger than cassville. this town is full of antique shops though, so thatll be pretty fun. also, we cover part of fayetteville, so there is like a legitimate city around here. met a part member family, got lost, went to this one guys house who took us to our apartment, got lost, went to the WARD mission leaders house, got lost, and that was pretty much the night. the previous missionaries didnt leave us with a GPS. so it was hard. still is actually.

Friday: dont really remember friday. but it was a good day.

Saturday: it was a solid day. saw as many people as we could (which is always the goal) so i felt pretty pleased about it. then went to a park out in a town we cover called farmington. its pretty much just fayetteville. and went OTM'ing or street contacting as the old vets say. which was cool met some pretty awesome people!

Sunday: fathers day was kind of rough for us. we got to go to church and meet the WARD so that was actually really cool! lots of cool people. ittl be hard to get all of the names down. but then afterwards pretty much no one wanted to see us since it was fathers day. everyone had company or wasnt home. it was hard. so we walked around prairie grove a lot, got familiar with the area, and OTM'ed some more.

which brings me to my next point. i would just like to wish a happy fathers day to my dad! he is awesome! and i expect some great BBQ when i get back! (he got a smoker for fathers day)

oh, just a random side note, you all know how much this heat is killing me, especially with the humidity. so, the AC in our apartment was making some deathly sounds so we havent had AC since friday. so this morning we thought we had it fixed, but then it was making scary sounds again. come to find out, there was a chopstick in there brushing the fan! a chopstick?! who was the man-child that put that in there??

oh and another random note, when we got there, the previous elders had a bunch of pumpkin spice everything. like air fresheners, soap, the whole thing. didnt realize i was shotgunning in the place of sisters? #whitegirls. hahaha

i love you all! keep up the work!

-Elder Olsen


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