June 15, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Transferred to Prairie Grove, Arkansas

so im not sure if you read my big weekly email. but yes im getting transferred. im going to prairie grove, arkansas. another small town i believe. ive heard its about the size of cassville. and also, pretty cool stuff, the sherwoods have relatives down there! im pretty excited to go to NWA (north west arkansas) the LDS population in NWA is pretty large. its pretty much like a little provo. i actually hate provo and you know that, but like i said im pretty excited. all of the storms that roll through, tulsa and NWA always get hit the hardest in our mission. im going to be the senior companion and so that means i am the one who gets in the most trouble if anything goes wrong. so hopefully nothing too bad happens! were shotgunning so were both going in blind. so i hope the missionaries who are currently there have been good at keeping up on their records and addresses and stuff!

so sister sherwood was asking about what days would work best and when you are home from work and stuff. so i told her about anytime after 6:30 would probably work and that wednesdays are no good. hopefully i was right. but yeah she said she would love to visit! i believe she still has your number from mothers day trying to set up the skype and everything, but ill give her your number again and here is hers: (417) 652-7569. ive given her a list of restaurants to try. mostly just moochies. but yeah, so if you guys end up visiting and havent eaten, you should take her there! so she kind of has family up there. shes kind of an adopted daughter. unofficially. but she got pregnant a while ago and her baby is due this week and wanted sister sherwood to be there for it. her oldest son, his name is john, he is 19 and lives in payson area. and so he will probably be with her since he is going to be the one driving her around.

so i didnt hear about the plane crash that is pretty sad. when did that happen?

and i got your other email, that is sad that the missionaries out there cant tract! it really is a blast. if the missionaries in prairie grove havent kept up on their addresses, then me and my comp will probably be doing a lot of tracting.

so if you get elders in the ward dont back down from visits. make dad go with you! (im sure he loves that i just volunteered him) because i have found so far that a lot of the times its the women who come out with us that really seem to click with those we teach.

so i recall the gonzalez family kept talking about moving back in, i wasnt sure if it was ever going to happen. but thats awesome that its happening now! cause yeah i was never a fan of the people who would move in. they never took good care of the house and were just not very good neighbors most of the time.

so how did andrew enjoy the temple? i need to email him back. he emailed me a while ago and i wasnt able to reply because of the holiday on monday and stuff so i only had time to write to you and send the big one out.

so josh didnt email me this week. how is he doing?

so yep this wednesday is my 6 months! exciting stuff! it really doesnt feel like its been 6 months already. a quarter of my mission. and it was all in cassville too. i couldnt think of a better place to start and spend a quarter of my mission. cassville seems to be a training area. 2 elders before me was trained in cassville, i was trained in cassville, elder lopez was follow up trained in cassville, and now the new elder coming in to cassville is going to be trained in cassville. i guess its just a good place to get comfortable and get your feet underneath you. its a great place. i am definitely coming back here to visit within a year after i get home. thats whats nice about serving state-side. and only 2-3 states over. is i can do that!

so there is a tradition, and i dont know if you know about it or not. im not sure when it started. but at 6 months you burn a tie, then at a year mark you burn a shirt. on your 18 months you burn a pair of slacks. then on the last day of your mission, since you get home the day before the 2 year mark, you burn its either a full suit or a suit jacket.. i cant remember, but ive got some time to figure it out.

woah, it just started raining like super hard. i have never experienced hydroplaning before until coming out here. theres always so much water on the road. it mostly just feels like driving on snow. if you give it too much gas the back end tends to kick out a little bit.

did i answer all of your questions? ill be heading out for now. if you have anymore send them in! love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 11:24 PM, <> wrote:

Well of course the big question is did you get transferred? If so tell me where you are going and who is your companion and all that stuff. If not then I am sure you will be happy. Whichever way it goes I know it is because that is where the Lord needs you to be. How are you? How is the work?

I forgot to ask you about Sister Sherwood's visit this week. I would love to meet her!! Did you give her my number so she could call me or maybe you could give me her number and I could call her? Does she have family in Logan? I think it would be way cool to meet her. I think it is so cool to meet people from my children's missions. We had people visit us from both Jeremy's and Ryan's missions when they were out. It was great!! I used to have people call me from Phillip's mission it was pretty fun too.

The sisters in our ward are being transferred. Both of them. I am very sad I have grown very attached to them. Sister Hales has been here for 6 months and she was hoping that she could stay until the end of her mission that is only 2 transfers away. She says she likes our area the best because we always go out visiting with them. I think they go visiting with me but it all works out the same in end I guess. They don't know where they are going President Swain wants them to come to the mission office tomorrow and he will talk to them. He has a special assignment for them and wants to talk to them in person. The mission boundaries are changing and they think they might be going out to Wendover. I guess we will see. I will really miss them both. We don't know if we are keeping sisters or are getting Elders back. It is easier for me to have sisters because I go with just the two of them to go to do visits all the time. Usually at least two times each week. I think it would be fun to Elders again though too. I just won't be able to go visiting with them as often.

Did you hear there was a family from Utah that was killed in a plane crash in Missouri? He was a Bishop from Provo. He, his wife and two children were killed and one child survived. They also have two other children, one is on a mission and one on a work study class somewhere. It is very sad. They crashed in Huggins. I tried to find it on the map but couldn't find it. I doesn't look like it is to far from you from what I could tell.

The Gonzales family is moving back into their house across the street. I am so happy!! They were such good neighbors and their renters haven't been so great. They will be moving back at the end of the month. They said Victor will be home at the end of the month for two weeks before he goes to Japan for 6 months.

The Bishop's daughter had her surgery this week and she is doing really well. She had open heart surgery on Tuesday and came home from the hospital on Thursday. She wanted to play outside on Friday. She is amazing!! I am so glad that it all turned out well for her.

Natalie Phelps got married on Friday and Andrew Phelps went to the temple on Thursday so he could go to the wedding. The reception was really nice.

Our tornadoes were pretty small only about a category one and in areas where there isn't much population. Our weather has started to calm down some so that is good.

So Happy Bump Day on Wednesday!! Wow you've been out for 6 months. I can tell you have really changed and grown. I hope you can tell that also. I think you are amazing!!

My scripture for you this week if Ether 12:4. I can't remember if I shared that one with you or not. I found it when I was reading the Book of Mormon last time and shared it in Relief Society today. I really like that it says we can have a surety of hope if we have faith in God.

Work hard, be happy and pray always!!

I'll love you forever.
saw this at the BBQ place the last time we went and thought Dad might enjoy it.


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