June 15, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

This cant last forever, raise a glass together, doesnt get much better! no better than this!

Well, i knew itd happen eventually... im finally getting transferred. after being here for my whole mission thus far, ittl be rough leaving but ittl all be alright! this past transfer i had been stressing about calls and all of that but about 2 weeks ago i just decided that id be content if i left and id be content if i stayed. ill be wherever im needed!

so anyways monday wasnt too special. although i did go to a flea market, so that was exciting!

i just realized i forgot my planner so its all going from memory.

ok, ok. im sure you all wanna know where im being transferred to. so i will be heading out to Prairie Grove, Arkansas. i heard that its just outside Fayetteville. which is home of the University of Arkansas. so Fayetteville is like the football capitol of our mission. so im pretty excited that maybe ill be able to go rep my utes! oh, and teach as well. so i know nothing about my companion. Elder Huffman? that sounds right. we are getting shotgunned in to this area, which means that neither one of us have been here so we are both going in blind. which makes me nervous, but ittl be good!

ok back to the week. tuesday was cool, cant really remember it though. like i said, i forgot my planner so i dont recall what happened.

wednesday: we had our last district meeting for the transfer and also we went on exchanges yet again. and we had a couple spanish speaking lessons. so, i just sat there yet again. its a little bit different having spanish district leaders.. but it was all cool, elder mckenzie is super cool. he is always up for going to a spanish restaurant so we went and im pretty sure i ordered the largest horchata i have ever seen, also probably the best.

thursday was cool. did some weekly planning and stuff.

friday was fun. we did some things... im literally drawing a blank right now. my bad.

saturday was exciting. we had our zone leaders come down to our area for the day and went on a split with them for the afternoon. im pretty sure that everything that can go wrong, will, when you are with the zone leaders. all of our set appointments fell through, all of our backups fell through, all of our back ups for the back ups fell through. it was rough... haha but we both had a good time! oh also. we recieved a text from the assistants and they said that due to the move of the mission home and everything with that, that president was swamped and calls werent ready, and probably wouldnt be until monday or tuesday. anyways that night when we got back to the apartment and everything i was just laying down and i heard our phone vibrate, so i got find it and were getting a call from the zone leaders, anyways long story short, they said that the assistants were playing a mission wide prank on everyone. so then we got the news that after 4 transfers id be leaving my first area.

sunday was rough. but i kept it together! which is more than i can say for some people... (pops) hahaha!! so i got called up to bear my departing testimony to the branch and i had like 3 people crying, and none of them were me! which again, is more than i can say for some people... haha ok im done. it was weird. its like im leaving for my mission. it felt like leaving home. it was a strange feeling. then that day i went and saw the brookes for probably the last time, (at least for now) then went out to the sherwoods and said goodbye to sister sherwood (again, for now.) since she is going to be in utah for this week. so all of you out there in utah! hit her up! shes awesome!

so for any of you wondering, the title of this email comes from the song, Weekend Warriors by: A Change of Pace. great song.

so the scripture of the week this week is from DC 128:23. its just a super happy scripture and i think its cool... haha

anyways, y'all are awesome keep up the great things y'all are doin! i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.

pic 1: i was adopted into the brookes family as the "awkward uncle."

pic 2: the Sherwoods! plus lolo... or something like that. this tiny little cat they found and adopted that i am holding. (if you squint real hard youll find it.)

oh! and another thing on sunday! we had 5 investigators at church! thats the most its been my whole mission so far!


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