June 8, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

I love tracking

yep i got the package! thank you! so now i have a full quad but in tiny form so now i swapped out my old big quad to the little one and the weight difference on my shoulder is way better now. my upper back has been killing me lately. i wish we could have backpacks so i could have the weight evenly divided on my shoulders instead of all of the weight on one or the other. it hurts sometimes. thats why i like mondays. i hardly ever have to carry my bag.

so how big were the tornadoes? what rating were they? thats way cool. maybe thats why y'all have been getting a bunch of rain lately and crazier weather than usual. so yeah now you guys have a taste of what ive been experiencing lately.

so to answer your question when we go to the church to take shelter it is just us. everyone else has a neighborhood storm shelter that they can go to, or basements. but the church is closer for us than to go to a members house. well, we may have one members house whose is closer but thats about all i can think of.

so transfer calls are this saturday. (5 days) and im not looking forward to it. i really dont want to leave cassville. i have heard of some missionaries who were here for 6 transfers (9 months.) i may be ready to leave before that long but at least one more would be way cool. and if i were to get transferred, you already know that id like to stay in missoura. id like to be in the ST. Roberts zone. its the most north east zone we have. i know a lot of the missionaries up there and they love it, assuming they dont get transferred.

and to answer your other question. so my 6 month mark (the 17th.) is a week from wednesday, the day before transfer day. so ill be here in cassville to burn a tie. so im pretty excited about that.

so this past week our mission wide goal was to go tracting for an hour everyday. i love tracting. its way fun. how do the sisters in our bran... ward like it? im used to saying branch now. have they gone tracting? i dont know if they do that over in the utah missions or not.

and so yeah josh was telling me about his wreck. he was longboarding up by the U and the hill he went down was way bigger than he had anticipated. and then he got speed wobbles. im sure you probably dont know what those are, but theyre terrifying. i hate speed wobbles with a passion. its when you get going faster than your trucks are made for or have ever handled before. then the board starts to wobble from side to side and you are basically doing little miny swerves from side to side. as you continue down, you always try to ride out the speed wobbles. you never want to bail, the problem is riding them out is dangerous too. cause the board can start to swerve from side to side up until it just throws you off. because the swerves get wider and wider until the board just stops. but the best hope when you get them is to ride it out. so continuing on, josh was going down a hill and got speed wobbles, and he tried to foot brake, ( which means to take one foot off the board and drag it on the ground to slow down.) and when he took his foot off, the board swerved under his foot that he took off to brake and it threw him. at least thats what ive put together from the couple different stories ive heard so far. so yeah he told me and cameron sent me pictures of the aftermath. so i believe last week when josh emailed me he told me he was going to have surgery on his thumb. but thats awesome you made him some rice crispies. next time you make some peanut butter rice crispies you should send me some! that would be much appreciated!

anyways, ill let you go for now. love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 11:40 PM, <> wrote:
Hello again!!

How is everything? How is the work? Did you get the package that we sent? We had is all sealed before we got your letter requesting that we wait for Jesus. That's okay we can send another one. Hilary said she saw him today at church. Not in her ward but in the building. How has your weather been? We do watch your weather all the time but I think that sometimes it is kind of hard to tell. There were two tornadoes that touched down in Utah this week. They were in the central part of the state so we didn't see them of course but they had pictures of them on the news. No one was hurt and I don't thing they caused any damage because they weren't in very heavily populated areas. When you go to the church house to take cover from a tornado does everyone from the ward go or is it just you? We had a really hard rain storm here last night. It rained over an inch in just a few hours. At least it isn't raining everyday anymore and I was able to get some yard work done this weekend. I guess eventually it will get done.

I had to teach Relief Society today I am always glad when it is over. I always try to start working on it early but then end up putting it all together at the last minute. I taught on the talk that President Uchtdorf gave in Conference about the The Gift of Grace. It was one of my favorite talks because it gives me such hope and peace. I really learned a lot as I was preparing and had a few ah ha moments too. You know, oh that's what that means! That is why I like to teach because I have to study so much that I learn a lot.

There is more sad news this week. Anna's mother, Marcia was diagnosed with cancer this week. They found it in her breast but they are not sure if that is where is started. They are still taking tests and waiting for results before they decide on her treatment options. Please pray for her. Also Josh had to have surgery this week. I don't know if he has told you or not. I don't think he knew for sure until just before it happened. Anyway he broke his thumb skate boarding but maybe he told you about the accident. When the doctor saw the x-ray he decided he couldn't wait any longer and scheduled him for surgery quickly. I am sure he will tell you all about it. I made him some peanut butter Rice Krispie treats and Dad and I took them over tonight. He looks pretty good but he said it hurts pretty bad. He can't go back to work quite yet so it sounded like he is getting kind of bored. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow and I think he is hoping that he will be able to start doing a few more things.

I had a great experience with the Sister Missionaries this week. They had an appointment cancel on them on Friday night and so they wanted me to go visiting with them. They said I could choose who to go visit. I felt like I wanted to go see Cida Pierce and when we got there she said that I must have a crystal ball. She had wanted to see me that day because she was having a really sad day and that she had wanted to call me but her day had gotten to busy. We had a great visit and the sisters gave them a lesson on the atonement.

Lucas is getting big! He will be 3 months old on Tuesday. I can't even believe that he is that old already. He is a really cute baby. He is smiling and cooing a lot now. It is so fun to have him come to visit.

I guess you are expecting to be transferred soon. Is it next weekend that you expect to get your transfer calls? It is also almost your 6 month mark. It some ways it seems like you have been gone for a long time and in some ways it seems like it has gone by pretty fast. I hope it seems like it has gone by fast for you.

The scripture that I would like to share with you today is from my lesson today. Well I didn't end up using this one because of the time issues and It didn't fit with the direction I was taking with the lesson. Anyway it is 2 Nephi 25:26.
And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

It is also one of my favorite scriptures anyway.

Have a great week!! You are wonderful!!

I'll love you forever,


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