June 1, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Sister Sherwood is coming to Logan

wow that is some pretty sad news. i will definitely keep them in my prayers. (everyone.) so how is everyone? so no i did not get the letter from bishop hayes and the mennonites. was it an email or a paper letter?

so i dont really have a ton of news. other than rain. lots and lots of rain. i have never experienced so much rain in my life. oh wait actually i do. so i was planning on burning my tie for my 6 month mark at the sherwoods. (i may still burn it out there.) but sister sherwood actually has to go to logan on the 15th. where my 6 month mark is the 17th and transfers the 18th. so i told her the only way im allowing it is if she goes and visits you! and she said she would like to! so i just think thatd be cool for you to meet her. her and her family has probably helped me the most and is just way awesome.

so no we did not get any training.. but yes we do go to branch council. im not a very big fan. were kind of looked over in my opinion so for the most part its just sitting there for me. like when we try to get involved and stuff everyone talks big but doesnt walk so big. dont get me wrong i love the area and the people im not trying to sound negative. just get frustrated sometimes.

so yeah eating healthy has definitely helped. i miss eating crappy though. it tastes better in my book. but my breakouts have come down to a minimum and i am more energized. and i work out in the mornings. every missionary has to unless told otherwise. like my comp. he was told by president that he wasnt allowed to exercise in the mornings for a month. due to an injury he had. which is fine with me. so he just stays in the bedroom, cause i hate working out around other people.

anyways thats about it. all the big news was in the big letter. have you sent the package yet? if not maybe put it on hold for about a week or so. jesus wants to send me something but cant really afford to pay for shipping and handling and stuff so i told him to give it to you.

anyways, love you!

-Elder Olsen

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 1:19 AM, <> wrote:
Dear Elder Olsen,

How is that for being formal? I just thought I would start the letter out a little bit differently than usual. How are you? Have you had any good BBQ? I love all of your letters and how happy you sound most of the time. Did you get the letter from Bishop Hayes about the Mennonites? He also sent us a copy of the letter he sent to you. He is an amazing Bishop and he works so very hard for all the members of the ward. I hope he doesn't burn himself out. I am sure the Lord will bless him to be able to the things that he needs to do. That is the way it works, if you are willing to do the work that needs to be done the Lord will bless you to be able to do it. It will work that way for you also, you have probably already seen that happen.

I have more very sad news to share with you. It seems like there is just so much of it these days. Nancy Whittaker's, brother committed suicide this week. The whole family is pretty shaken as you can imagine. Please keep them in your prayers.

Also Phil and Anna called tonight (I wasn't home) to tell us that Marcia, Anna's mom, has breast cancer. Anna is pretty shaken and scared. I am sure Marcia is also so if you would keep them in your prayers also that would be great.

I went with Gayna, Gaylen, Allyson and Sherrie tonight to meet the author of one of my favorite books, "Conversations with a Moonflower". She is a very inspiring lady and has such great insights into life. We also got to watch some of the moonflowers open. It was just a great experience one that I will always treasure.

It won't be too long now until your next transfer. I think it is a possibility that you will be transferred this time. I know how much you love your area and all the people in it. There will be other great areas and more great people where ever you go. I think one of the sisters that is with us now might also be transferred this time. She got here at the same time that you got to your area. She is almost ready to go home though. She will be going home in September. I would love it if she would stay until she goes home. That would be awesome.

I went visiting with sisters again last night. I had a really touching moment. The appointment that they had made rescheduled and so they just wanted to go visit people with me. I decided to go visit the sisters in the ward that have requested no visiting teachers. Some of them I have met and some I hadn't. Most of them weren't home but we did get to visit with a few of them. This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile now so it was nice to have the opportunity. Anyway one of the sisters that we visited I used to visit teach a long time ago. You were probably 4 years old. She did recognize me and we talked for awhile. I thought I had seen her when we went bowling at Bonwood on your birthday and I was right that was her. She thanked me for the notes I write to her each month and she thanked me for them and said they mean a lot to her. I told her I just wanted her to know that I think about her and care about her and if there is ever anything that she needs that I would be happy to help. I really touched me and I am happy to know that my notes aren't a total waste of time, that at least one person appreciates them.

We had a great training today in ward council about how the ward council can start helping to plan Sacrament meetings. It is an exciting change I think. Did you have the training also? It is on video so I am sure the whole church will see it. You do go to ward council meetings right? The missionaries in our ward always come.

It is good to hear that you are trying to eat healthy. Do you exercise too? I know the sisters hear have a time every morning that they exercise. Sister Hew-len lets them come over to her house and exercise with her. They seem to like to do that.

Bishop Hayes gave you such great council in his letter especially when he said to testify of the atonement and the Book of Mormon. When you do that the spirit will also testify.

I will love you forever.


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