June 1, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

This humidity is going to be the death of me

Brothers and Sisters i have an announcement real quick before we get started. i am in the market for a floral tie. so if anyone finds any and you see it says "Elder Olsen" on it, send it my way! that would be much appreciated!

here we go again with yet another very successful week! i dont exactly recall what happened but just bear with me and we will figure this out together!

monday: the usual. i wish there was more to do out here on P days and other missionaries to hang out with sometimes. but the nearest area to us is like a half hour away and then on top of that being out in the middle of nowhere, they dont have too much to do either..

tuesday: tuesday was pretty cool we went out to this part of our area that i had never been to yet. its like way out in the corner and would just destroy our miles. but its an area called eagle rock. and so if you would have asked me before tuesday if i would live out in missouri after my mission i probably would have said only in either st. louis or kansas city. but after this experience id say either those or eagle rock. eagle rock is like a way nice area. its pretty quiet which still kind of bothers me, but its a bunch of little communities just out on this lake pretty much. like i said it was a way cool area, i wish we could have spent the whole day out here.

Wednesday: umm not a whole lot. district meeting ( yay! long meetings!) you all know how i feel about those. but then we got to go out to seligman and teach some less actives. (i feel like we could make a branch out of the total members just out there alone.) just a lot of them dont come to church. Just come to church! umm yeah it was just a cool day though.

Thursday: so as usual we did service at the food pantry. and what we do there is we help people pick out produce and stuff and help them carry it out to their car. on thursday we walked down there and there was a full box of mangos and i just about died. at the end of it though, pretty much nobody wanted any mangos so they gave me like a sack full of mangos to take home! (i think i walked out of there with about 11 or 12! and all for free!) but anyways, moving on, after a solid weekly planning session we went out to wheaton! where out there we met up with sister sherwood and... oh i forgot to mention this, so our mission-wide goal for this week was having 100% of our lessons be member present lessons. ok bringing it back. so we met up with sister sherwood and she was our set exchange and we get there and were all ready to go teach and stuff when she remembers that her son locked the keys in the car! hahah i thought it was pretty funny. so we just decided to walk across the town! #perksofsmalltowns but man i thought i was going to melt. like i said, this humidity is going to kill me. and then that night we had a lesson with jan (the investigator who gave me a cane!) and she made me a knit tie! and she made it crimson red too just because of my love for the utes! how neat is that?

Friday: i dont think i have ever seen it rain harder than this in my life. the rain came down and the floods came up! oh! yeah! i forgot! interesting (or as the locals say: inneresting) things happened. so we had lunch at a members house. and i had a headache so we went back to the apartment real quick to get some ibuprofen. then i decided to go look at the weather radio, so i walked in there and the red light is on. (red means warning.) and the screen said tornado warning. so we were like ummm ok. so we packed up and went over to the church and kinda waited it out. and so as they say to stay away from windows of course i was right up against the windows watching the storm. and i saw some rotating clouds. i dont think i have ever been so excited. i didnt see a funnel, but i saw some rotation! it was great! then when the warning was lifted, back to work! then we had the book of mormon class, then some members took us out to eat at this mexican restaurant out here. and elder stubbs ate the biggest burrito i think ive ever seen. its about twice the size of a cafe rio burrito. im not kidding this thing was like 20 inches long.

Saturday: we finally got to go out to alex's service project and do some good ol manual labor! we worked for like 6 hours. it was some pretty intense stuff. he's landscaping about 120 feet along this fence line for a cemetery out near his place. ill include some pictures when i get some.

Sunday: church was a good day with the crickets! so being in a branch we have families from other wards called to our ward to kinda help boost our branch a little bit. and so there was a family once upon a time ( im not really sure how long ago, but i dont think it was that long ago.) who were called here in cassville and apparently one of the kids is going on a mission and it was his farewell so a big chunk of our congregation was gone. but it was still pretty good nonetheless. it was a sacrament meeting to remember. i had never experienced this before. to be honest it was really cool. so our 1st councilor had about 3 people come up and share what their favorite hymn was and tell why they love it. then as a congregation we would sing every hymn of that song. like i said, it was different but it was pretty cool.

so the scripture i want to leave with youins this week is from well, a lot like the one week where i left y'all with section 138 from D&C. its D&C 88. so like, i dont really have anything profound to say about it. just that its kind of a really cool section. like really dig deep and study it and i promise you'll find something inneresting in there. its kinda boggled my mind this week.

anyways, thats enough about me for now. i love you all! and remember, if you see any floral ties to send them my way!

-Elder Olsen.

OH! i almost forgot! umm on tuesday we were at our branch presidents farm and bottle fed like 10 calves! anyways i just thought that was fun.

Pic: PLO (the coolest little turtle ever) the sherwoods found him and named him PLO (pee low) for Paventy, the elder here before me, Lopez, pops. and Olsen!


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