May 26, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Buttered noodles and Sister Pointer

ok before i forget, yes. it is vicki who is has a date set. but she isnt very committal. im going to try hard to make it happen but i am not sure it will.

so i think i answered your question in my big email to everyone. yeah weve been hit by some pretty crazy storms lately and yeah were on torndao watch pretty frequently. when were on watch they have what is called "spotter" and that just tracks the storms and can spot what pieces of the storm are most unstable and stuff so if it they know when to issue a warning. so dont worry. if we ever get a warning we take shelter. our phone gets alerts if there are ever warnings.

so yeah most service we do is on like farms and stuff. we actually havent really done service out here except like at the food bank but thats about it on thursdays. but now that it is warm we are volunteering to work on farms and stuff to our members. its pretty fun! im not sure i could do it for a living but its a good time.

so yes, it was sister pointer who made the buttered noodles for me. i loved it! and so did they! her husband jon, (his dad is in the branch, so we call them jon and amica, then jons parents are brother and sister pointer so we dont get confused.) but yeah jon said that that recipe needs to go in the favorites.

so i think if i were to get a new plaque, it would be awesome if i got one, but ill leave that up to you. like i said, i think itd be sweet, but up to you guys. and if i were to get a new one, the scripture id like on there at this very moment would probably be alma 29:9. but let me go and read some more this week. and ill see about pictures and ill let you know.

anyways, we have to get running right now. we dont get as much time today to write as we would on a monday. but oh well. so hopefully i answered all of your questions.

love you!

-Elder Olsen.

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 11:01 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? Are you surviving all the storms? We have been watching the weather and it seems like you have been having some pretty severe storms. Have you been under tornado watches a lot? We have been having a lot of wind and rain also but nothing like yours. We did however get some rotation in a storm system and Sterling Poulsen said it was a funnel cloud. It of course didn't touch down or anything and he watched the video of it several times before he called it a funnel cloud. Anyway I hope you are able to stay safe and dry. Do you ever use your umbrella that I bought for you? I only remembered about it because Hilary just bought a new umbrella to take with her when she and Robert had more engagement pictures taken. It didn't rain on them while they were having the pictures taken. It rained before that and after that but not during. It has rained everyday here for almost two weeks. I guess that's a good thing because we need the water because we had such a dry winter. It just makes it hard to get any yard work done though.

I was able to get some flowers planted in the front yard yesterday. I spent most of the day doing some Relief Society stuff so I wasn't able to get too much done. Oh well, I guess it will eventually get done.

Dad and I are going to Logan for memorial day tomorrow. We will have a get together at Patsy's house after we visit the cemetery. None of your siblings are going with us. They are all doing other things tomorrow.

Was it Sister Pointer that made the fettuccine ala carbonara for you? I sent her the recipe after you told her that it was your favorite dish. That is very nice of her to do that for you.

I am not sure if you will get this tomorrow or not because it is a holiday and the library will be closed. I guess that will depend on whether you can go to a member's house or not. I do hope to be able to hear from you tomorrow. It always makes Mondays better.

John Salazar asked about you yesterday. He said to tell you hello and that they are all very proud of you. Their little grandson, Josiah, is so cute!! He was outside yesterday with John and he has a little lawn mower that he pushes around whenever John mows the lawn. So cute!!

Dad thinks it is way cool that you are working on farms. You are right the word is herding cows. Do you do service on farms a lot?

You never answered my question about Vickie. Is she still on track to get baptized? I will pray for her.

I haven't done much wedding stuff this week. I think we are supposed to go this coming Friday to look at flower options. There is still quite a bit of stuff to get done though.

Brother Chapman (Josh's Grandpa) asked to have your emails and so he read about your new mission and brought over paper work for you a new plaque. Dad doesn't think you need one so we shall see. Is there a new scripture that you would want on it? How about a picture is there a new one you want or can I use one of the ones that you had taken at temple square?

I have been working on getting your package together. I was hoping to make it over to the Distribution center this weekend but I didn't make it. I got you two new shirts. They didn't have any 17 1/2 size so I bought size 17. I figured that would work for you anyway. Especially because you have been losing some weight.

My scripture to share this week is 1 Nephi 1:20m But behold, I, Nephi will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.

You are wonderful and I love you!! Take care of yourself and work hard.

I'll love you forever!!


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