May 26, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

What is a Mennonite

howdy y'all! (im trying my hardest to embrace the culture.)

so this week was solid! so lets take a run through.

monday: same ol same ol.

Tuesday: tuesday was our last day to go to seminary in the mornings. sad day! i loved going to seminary in the mornings. weird. i know. idk like it used to not be that great going but towards the end there i really enjoyed it! then went out to seligs (seligman) and talked to those less actives that like have great BBQ and stuff, he brought out some summer sausage and his homemade BBQ sauce, after i ate the sausage i like literally drank the remaining sauce i had. he said that that was normal haha that everyone does that. yeah, it was good! he wins competitions with his BBQ so i am super stoked for when they have us over! he said he smokes his brisket anywhere from 9-15 hours. now you know that thats gonna be good stuff!

Wednesday: Wendnesday was our last day of Wheaton wednesday! thank goodness! theres an investigator out there, who is making me a tie! its going to be done by thursday. for those of you who dont know what a knit tie is, go look it up!

thursday: the usual, sort of. we did service in the morning, then went out to seligman after a quick visit with an investigator in cassville. then after seligman we went to the apartment and of course, weekly planned. but guess what? it didnt go forever! haha and we got a lot planned! so this week is going to be great!

Friday: friday we were on exchanges, so i was up in monett (Moe net. for those of you wondering how that is pronounced.) and so i was up there with one of my zone leaders elder anderson! he was a way cool guy and he's from twin falls idaho and stuff so that was cool. so im sure you are all wondering why i titled this email what i did. so with elder anderson we had a lesson with some mennonites. i was really confused. i thought they were amish and then like they turned on the lights and stuff so that really threw me off. but so im sure you are all aware that in the past ive had some run-ins with some preachers around here and those got pretty intense. nothing like this experience. we were just getting wailed on. so we just bore testimony and got out of there. so im just curious. like what are these people? and what are their beliefs? could someone look that up and enlighten me? that would be much appreciated! then i guess they have a game night at their ward building with their investigators and so we went there after dinner and it was a good time.

Saturday:so saturday was going to be a full day of service. a priest in our branch (alex) was having his eagle scout service project and we were going to go help out with that, due to uncooperative weather it was cancelled. then that night we were going to be down in seligman doing another parking job for a tractor pull. but that was also cancelled due to weather. but we still had a great day!

Sunday: we both (elder stubbs and i) had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting! apparently i didnt do a bad enough job when i first got here. (i spoke in January) but it was great! i was the concluding speaker and there were like musical numbers, and some people were called up, for those who completed seminary, and elder stubbs is a talker as well. so i didnt really have to fill in too much time! like i said, it was awesome. all in all i think i spoke for about 7 minutes and i ended right on time.

Monday: and as you all know. yesterday was memorial day so i wasnt able to email yesterday. so ill just fill this in since its fresh in my mind. just usual p-day stuff. yep that was it. also we had some pretty gnarly storms roll through. i think arkansas really got hit though. yes, we were on tornado watch and flood advisory, but when arent we? ok, not to worry anyone, its not as bad as it seems. if there is ever a tornado warning we play it safe. but yeah i think i heard it rained like 8 inches last week? before sunday and yesterday. so who knows. they were calling for about 2 inches last night. so im not sure how much we've got. a lot. thats all in know. but yeah like i was saying, the storm kind of brushed us, but nothing like what arkansas got. i havent heard anything but i saw the system that was rolling in and it didnt look very friendly.

so the scripture i wanted to leave with y'all is DC 78: 18-19. when we had interviews with president he shared these with me and they are just awesome. thats about all i can say. and i wont be able to attach and pictures this week, sorry. but next week be prepared! anyways. i love you all! stay safe! keep on keeping on!

-Elder Olsen.


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