May 18, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs


yeah so andrew did email me and that is way cool! im excited for him! he should be too! well, i dont have too much time this week, we have to take the car in to get maintenance done. so ill just keep it short this week. yeah we had some bad weather roll through saturday night we were on tornado watch and severe thunderstorm/flashflood warning. which i dont doubt for a second. the rain was crazy, i say it every week but the rain just keeps getting harder. this was the hardest ive ever seen it rain. it was raining so hard that actually we found out that our seal on our front door couldnt handle it. so we will get that taken care of. thats how you know it was coming down hard. it got through the seal on our door. oh and also, sunday morning on our way to church there were tree branches everywhere and fallen trees and stuff. it was cool if you ask me.

so that is very sad news about richard pierce. i will keep them in my prayers. that is extremely sad news. he was a great guy and he will be missed.

so yeah josh told me about his uncle. which is also some very sad news. he then sent me a picture of his shaved head. i have been keeping them in my prayers.

so i was wondering if you guys would be ordering a new plaque so i would have 2? thatd be cool. so i just figured to let you know cause why not, and you dont have to believe me if you dont want to, but so i decided this past week to start watching what i eat and stuff. and so far its been a success! yesterday when i weighed in i weighed about 202. before leaving i was pushing 215-220. like the mornings instead of eating a couple bowls of sugary cereal, i have made some smoothies and oatmeal and stuff. my smoothies are super good by the way. a previous missionary had some strawberry protein powder and left it here so its mine now. so my smoothies consist of a banana, a handful of blueberries. a scoop of the protein powder, milk, and ice. then pour it all into a cup and then take 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and put them in there. chia seeds are high in fatty acids and fiber. i think theyve got some good protein to them too. lunches i bought some chicken and some peppers and stuff and make a kind of stir fry type deal. i guess? just chop up the peppers, and spice up the chicken a little bit. add a hint of vegetable oil and maybe some water so it doesnt stick to the pan, then just cook it up for a while. alex's dad works for tysons. the chicken place. and they also do the tortillas for chipotle, so alex gave us some free wheat tortillas. so then i throw that all in a tortilla and its good stuff. then dinner is just whatever i get fed. the members are still really good at feeding us. so thats always a plus. but yeah just so you know, im being fed, im not starving, so if i start to look really skinny its cause i decided to like be healthy and stuff.

but anyways, i need to get going. love you!

-Elder Olsen.

this picture was a while ago, i may have sent this to you already, but i just think this is the coolest looking tree. its just so round and full and green. this is at our apartment complex.

On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 10:56 PM, <> wrote:

How are you? How has the weather been? We've been watching it and there seems to be some pretty bad storms happening in that part of the country. How is Elder Stubbs? Did you tell that it is Vickie that is getting baptized? How is she doing? When is her baptism scheduled?

I am sure you remember the Allens, right? Anyway the whole family was here this week because Elise Allen got married on Friday. Dad and I went to the ceremony on Friday. She had an open house the night before that and we all went to that except Carolyn. She had to work that night. It was really fun to see them all again.

I think he is going to email you, but just in case he doesn't Andrew Phelps got his mission call on Friday. He was called to serve in the California Roseville mission. He will go to the MTC on August 19th. He is very excited. That is the same mission that Natalie just returned from. Andrew was made an Elder last week and he is going to receive endowments soon so he can go to Natalie's wedding. Did I remember to tell you she is getting married in June? I think it is the second weekend in June so it is coming up really fast.

We are still very busy with Wedding stuff. Hilary and I were supposed to go to look for flowers on Friday but she forgot and didn't get up in time. I guess we will have to re-schedule. It is coming really soon so we need to get some of these things done. We did get her cake ordered and her dress fitted. We did that on Monday night.

I am some more very sad news to tell you. I am sure you know Richard Pierce from the ward. He had gone to work on Monday morning and 20 feet off a ladder. He suffered severe brain and spinal cord damage and just couldn't recover from his injuries. He past away on Tuesday afternoon. It is so sad for his family and for the entire ward. He was such a nice man and did so much for everyone. I don't know if you remember this but he was one of Dad's assistant's when he was the High Priest group leader. It was so sudden and so very unexpected and is very sad. The family is doing okay but they are still very sad. The whole ward has really stepped up to help the family in any way that they can.
The funeral is tomorrow so I took the day off to go to the funeral and to help with the dinner. Dad and I went the to viewing tonight and we saw Ryan and Becky Heiner there. They asked about you and Ryan said to say hello.

Did I tell you Sister Crites is getting married? She is getting married on June 3rd. She was here this weekend and had a meet and greet. She was there with her fiance and both sets of parents were there. It was really fun to see her again. She also came to our ward today for church. We had a convert baptism yesterday and she was confirmed today in sacrament meeting. Sister Crites had worked with her before she left so it was nice that she was here when she was baptized.

I am so glad that you have made such great friends in the area that you are serving. They seem to be such wonderful people and they will be life long friends for you. When you are transferred you will make more new friends in your new area. The church is great that way. There are great people everywhere.

Did Josh tell you about his uncle Kyle? He has been diagnosed with cancer. It is pretty sad so it you could keep him in your prayers that would be great.

I love the scriptures that you share every week. Thank you so much. I have decided that I am going to start over reading the Book of Mormon. I have just been kind of just reading random scriptures everyday ever since I finished the Book of Mormon and thought I might read the New Testament because we are studying that in Sunday School. I did read all the accounts of the crucifixtion and the resurrection and decided that I missed reading the Book of Mormon.

I really love all the scriptures that you share with me. Thank you for doing that. I have been reading about the resurrection in Alma and found these scriptures that I want to share with you it is Alma 39:17 and 18. Very fitting for you I thought.

Remember who you are. You are the son of a Heavenly Father that loves you. Be obedient, work hard, have faith and He will guide and direct you and always be with you. I also love you so very much and I am so proud of what a great missionary you are becoming.

I'll love you forever!!


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