May 18, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

I'm going to need a new plaque

o this week was good! like i said, every week is a good week! just some are better than others. so just to start things off, yesterday we were seeing a less active and she asked us what the word "apostasy" means. so we explained what it was then i told her the joke i heard a million times from elder lopez: "what do you call an ocean of unbelieving noodles? a pasta sea!" pretty awful i know.. hahaha

so a quick run through the week.

monday: nothing new. except for the fact that we had a Mission-Wide conference call and they dropped some pretty large news! starting july 1st, the OTM (Oklahoma Tulsa Mission) will cease to exist. they are changing the name, headquarters, and moving the mission home, thats all! no split, or anything, same boundaries and everything. We will be known as the Arkansas, Bentonville Mission! and in case anyone is wondering. Bentonville is the home of Walmart or something like that. so yeah, pretty exciting stuff.

tuesday: tuesday was actually pretty sweet! we went out to seligman and saw a couple less active people out there! a couple we just met the week before with our branch mission leader. well, he didnt meet them, he knew them, thats why he took us over there so we would know where they were and could start talking with them again. so we went and offered service to them and they would love that! and heres the thing im stoked for, as you all know i love me some good BBQ. this dude is apparently like a BBQ king. he goes to competitions and just destroys them. so they offered to feed us sometime soon when he gets his smoker back! (he sent it to some shop so they could do something to it to like reverse the air travel or something? i cant remember. but im stoked!)
Then to end the night we went over to a members house, and watched the Elder Bednar face to face event with those members and some recent converts too! it was pretty sick.

wednesday: yay! long meetings! (we all know how i feel about long meetings.) so we had zone training meeting. which went on for waay longer than it needed too. but they were talking about what happened monday. talking about the ABM and how we are ending the mission on a high note and were gonna start the new mission on an even higher note. because president shumway goes home at the end of this transfer, (sort of) he is gonna stay and help out the new mission president for a little bit before heading back home. but so he said this "start strong, end stronger." cause as this mission comes to a close, so does his mission. so he wants to go out swinging. and also said it about the ABM. to end the OTM strong, and start the ABM stronger. every week for the first little while, some record will be set because ittl be a new mission. so thats pretty neat!

Friday: we did service like all day! we woke up early and went to seminary which is always fun. afterwards went out to our branch president's farm and helped him build a barn type deal. it was cool. then went out to our branch mission leader's farm, cause he was out of town. so we went and hearded? i think thats the word. anyways, directed the cows to the milking barn. they are also dog breeders. theyve got like a million dogs so it was like way fun to do this. but so we went and just filled up their waters and food. they have at least 30 huskies so that was the coolest thing ever. then went back out to our branch president's farm and i got to bottle feed one of their calves that just insists on being bottle fed. i would include pics if i had some. but pictures were taken so ill get them soon.

Saturday: this was a good day. so we went out and had lunch with some super cool members and they made fettucini alla carbonara! which is like my favorite dish so that was way cool! anyways, saturday was slow, but i got to meet an amish dude. his accent was super legit. then we went to a family history class thing i guess for like ever. fun stuff

Sunday: man we was busy. that was about all i have to say about sunday. it was a lot like tuesday. went out to seligman and saw some less actives, but then had dinner with the brookes family! the parents are both born and raised in the carribean, so i love going over there. their accents are awesome! and their family is just awesome.

so that was pretty much the week this week!

the scripture of the week this week is from: DC 138. i dont really have a specific verse. just the fact that it is and awesome section! y'all should go read it!

anyways, thats enough about me for now. i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.

pic: the road out to seligman. i think it looks pretty sick. but sorry for the glare. we was in the car


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