May 11, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

My Family

So this week was a good one! and as usual, they all are! this one was slightly slower than im used to but it was still a good one! so here we go!

Monday: not too much. regular Pday, like ive said in the past, there isnt too much to do out here, so we mostly just do boring things like clean or something. one of these days im gonna talk elder stubbs into going bowling with me.

well, it just hit me, that i had to start a new planner this past week and i dont remember what happened tuesday or wednesday.

well, this is awkward.. umm on wednesday we got to go to the sherwoods so that was awesome as usual.. like i said, i cant remember.

thursday: my favorite day! (not really) thursday we went to do service as we do every thursday, which was a good time as it always is. afterwards went and saw vicki, who we just set a baptismal date with last week. then went to the apartment to go eat lunch and weekly plan! ( i HATE weekly planning by the way) weekly planning wouldnt suck so much if it would suck a lot less. Elder stubbs insists on having 4-5 hour long weekly planning sessions. so i hate that. like i understand why we do it. i just dont understand why they have to be so long. i could easily do it in half that time. haha ill live. we also went to go see one of our less actives in the branch but he was in the hospital so hopefully he is ok! we then went and had dinner with a less active lady in our branch. so that was good! then had "MCM" no, not man crush monday, Missionary coordination meeting? i dont remember. its a meeting with our branch mission leader and we talk about the week and he gives us ideas to help out our area and afterwards took us out and took us to some less actives houses and we got to meet them so we will start to work with them now!

Friday: we had another very successful book of mormon class! we didnt have a very good turnout though, about half of our "usuals" were sick or out of town. but nonetheless it was good as always.

Saturday: Saturday was a cool day, elder stubbs and i were driving to our next appointment when he stops and says that he felt we should go see the coomers, we couldnt go inside because her husband was out of town. but so i asked him why he felt that, because i was feeling that too. he said he wasnt sure, so i said i felt that too so off to the coomers we went! so we got there, told her we felt like we needed to come see her but we werent sure why, and she then told us that she has been sick for the past couple days and cant seem to get the energy to get out of bed and she has been getting down on herself lately too because of mothers day. because her children dont really acknowledge her, so she then rolled a chair out and asked for a blessing. so i thought that was a way cool experience!

Sunday: sunday was fantastic! church was great! a thunderstorm rolled through and the thunder was so loud it was shaking the chapel. afterwards we went out and looked and man the rains came down and the floods came up! like ive said before, rain in utah has nothing on rain out here. a guy in our branch made a joke. "its gonna clear up... gonna come clear up to your waist!" for a while there i thought we was being serious... then we got to go out to wheaton and celebrate mothers day with the sherwoods! got to skype home and see the Fam Bam. so all in all really solid day!

so im sure y'all are wondering why i titled this email "My Family." this past week we had a mission wide goal to use a booklet called "My Family." at least 3 times a day. like yeah we didnt hit it but it was still cool to use! if you dont know what it is. look it up! its so sick!

anyways the scripture challenge for the week this week is going to be from the book of alma! in light of mothers day. Alma 56:47-48. it is an OTM 60. the OTM 60 are 60 scriptures we are encouraged to memorize. and yes, i do have this one down!

y'all have a legendary week! i love you all!

Pic 1: i believe this was me celebrating international star wars day, sporting star wars vans shirt, sporting my star wars vans. so sick!

Pic 2: BBQ station! My Fave!


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