May 11, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs


so, remember, dont forward this one to anyone, this one is just for you! so it was awesome to talk to y'all as well! it was so cool to get to see everyone and lucas as well! even though he wasnt very exciting, just sleeping, but i guess thats what babies do so im told haha.

so also i emailed phil but never got a reply. thats kind of how it has been. i dont think ive ever gotten an email back from him. he emailed me my first week here and then i replied then nothing. but its alright. he's busy. im not like mad or anything like that. just letting you know. cause for all i know he hasnt seen that email yet.

so like i said before, i really love wheaton. (one of the towns in our area.) thats where the sherwoods live. whenever we go out there we always have some kind of interaction with them if we can. they have pretty much adopted me into the family. they are the reason i stay sane. sister sherwood is the coolest! like if i could just pack up the sherwoods and take them with me when i get transferred i wouldnt have a problem with getting transferred. so the reason i was outside while skyping, the sherwoods have a massive family and they are very seldom quiet haha. their oldest daughter, jaden, im not sure how old she is and her husband. their oldest son jon, i believe he is 19? they all pulled up while we were skyping so thats who i said hi to while we were talking. then they have a 17 year old daughter marley, she is pretty cool, a 15 year old daughter sam, she is also way cool, a 13 year old son riley, again, pretty cool, a 7 year old son joel, he can get on my nerves at times but he's awesome too, then they have 6 year old twins brooke and brandee. so like i said, a pretty large family. but theyre awesome! it was honestly kinda weird, elder lopez brought this up, to just think back to even just 2 days before leaving for my mission, or just 2 days before he got transferred, we didnt even know who the sherwoods were, then think about that. like i cant even think of what its like to not know who the sherwoods are so thats werid to think about. so sister sherwood said if you ever get worried about me like as far as weather and tornados and stuff that you can just shoot her a text and she can keep you posted! like i said, she is awesome!

so just by the way alex's last name is jimenez. and yes, amica's last name is pointer. so yes we got some intense rain. but nothing like what came down while we were at the church. mostly everything cleared up later as the day went on. towards the end of the night though we had scattered thunderstorms. which arent my favorite. i want severe thunderstorms. but we havent had those for a little while.

so what is the exact date for hilary's wedding? so how has everyone been? i had a thought to have you guys invite josh over while skyping yesterday but i forgot and by the time i remembered we only had about 5 minutes left. that wouldve been fun but oh well. christmas i guess. anyways ill let you go for now. and as promised, a picture of our branch building. you can sort of see it. this was on elder lopez's last day in cassville. love you!

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 11:32 PM, <> wrote:

It was so great to talk to you!! You look really great and sounded great too!! How did the weather turn out? It seemed pretty calm when we talked to you. We have watched the weather all day and right now it looks like you are getting some pretty good rain. The tornado watch is over which I am happy about. I know you find it very exciting but they can be very scary.

We talked to Phil and Anna after we talked to you. They have had a busy week. It was Logan's birthday on Monday and Amy's on Friday and then Mother's Day today so they always have a really busy first week of May. Maybe at Christmas time we can figure out how to do a 3 way Skype. I have heard that people do that. I would have tried to figure it out today but they were in church. They have really late church. It starts at 2:30. I think I would really hate that schedule. It really works for Phillip when he is working graves though so that's good.

We have been really busy getting things together for the wedding. Hilary and I went to a cake tasting on Friday and that was kind of fun. Tomorrow Hilary is going to get her dress fitted and then on Friday we are going to go look at flowers. We have clothes for just about everyone now except Hilary doesn't like the ties that we ordered on Amazon and has to return them and get some other ones. We still have to get a suit for Lucas to match Christian's and Logan's. They have them on Amazon I am just waiting a little longer to see what size he will be. We also have the dresses for Robert's nieces and blouses for the ladies. So things are progressing along we kind of have to hurry we only have 2 months until the wedding.

Ryan and Carolyn were here most of the day today. They came out to go to church with us so they could be here when you skyped. Their church is in the afternoon from 1-4. It was really fun to have them spend the day with us.

I went out in the rain on Saturday and bought some flowers to plant in the yard. It was a pretty miserable experience but I guess it was worth it. There was a pretty good sale so I saved quite a lot of money. Now I need to find some time to plant them. I also need to get some vegetables to plant. I seem to be very far behind these days.

We will try to get your package mailed soon. I will have to go shopping for some white shirts and the pocket scriptures. Can you think of anything that you need or want? Now that we know where you will be for awhile we can get it mailed to you.

I am so thankful for the Sherwoods and all the things that they do for you. Sister Sherwood is such a nice lady. It was really sweet of her to let me know what time you would call and to let you Skype at their house. Do you see them often? Did you tell me Amica's last name is Pointer? She is another very nice lady. What is Alex's last name? I really appreciate all of these people and everything they do for you and me.

The scripture that I want to share with you this week is Jacob 6: 2-3.

Take care of yourself. Be obedient. Stay safe!!

I'll love you forever


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