May 4, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Staying in Cassville

so transfers. so we got the call on saturday, a call means someone is getting transferred, and a text means we stay. so anyways, here we are, sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, cause come on, ive been here for 3 transfers. the only one ive known to stay in this area for over 3 was elder lopez! so anyways the phone rings, so i grab elder stubbs and then the zone leaders just started chatting with us! like, come on! tell me whats happening! so they asked us what was happening and i told him that im obviously staying, and he asked how i would possibly know that, and i asked him the week before if he could take bribes to leave me here, long story short, these zone leaders must do things differently cause im staying in cassville!!! so i went ahead and did my research, and the day before transfers next month is my 6 month mark, so i get to burn a tie in cassville just like my trainer! i will have been in cassville for a quarter of my mission! i must say im really stoked!

so this past week was a good one! well, theyre always good! just some are better than others. lets take a run through the week.

Monday: not a whole lot happened. theres not much to do here, so just email laundry, shopping, and thats about it. every monday though we go out to wheaton and have FHE with the coolest members in the entire mission! the sherwoods! so that always makes mondays like 100 times better.

Tuesday: just the usual seligman day, got up early for seminary, went out to seligman and taught a couple people out there, then came back to cassville and ended the night here. not too exciting.

Wednesday: so elder stubbs and our branch mission leader have been pushing that i move the wheaton days to wednesday, ive been pretty stubborn and hard headed about that for a while, but whatever. so we went out to wheaton on wednesday and saw this elderly couple who are just so much fun to go see! but she can really chat and if you arent carefuly she tends to keep you there forever! haha oh and one day she went outside and there was a cane in her front yard and so she is going to give that to me so im pretty stoked about that. im not sure what to do with it but ill find something! then afterwards we went back into cassville and met up with some members at BBQ station! the bbq place in town. and man is that place good! afterwards went and saw some less actives in the area and they seem to be doing better! so hopefully they can start coming back to church! then went up to the church building afterwards and hung out with the youth for the rest of the night up at mutual. we mostly just helped clean up..

Thursday: so thursdays always start off with us going to the food pantry and helping out there. afterwards we went and saw this one lady with sister sherwood and it was an awesome lesson! (by the way, this lady, her name is vicki, we just set a baptismal date with her last night!) then went over to the sherwoods shop, (brother sherwood owns a computer repair shop type deal) and so we went over there and offered up some service and pretty much just took apart computers, it was pretty cool! and like i said, i wasnt happy with moving wheaton days to wednesdays.. so we had another wheaton day! like i said earlier, if you arent careful she can talk and will keep you there forever, so we werent able to see all of the people in wheaton we had planned for and our other plans fell through, so we went back out to wheaton. and taught some more people and one of the investigators ended up taking us and alex out to dinner at this small little diner place out there and i had some pretty bomb pancakes. pretty successful day!

Friday: fridays we start the day off at seminary again! i love going to seminary in the mornings. sometimes. and we had lunch out in wheaton, and we had an idea, so we hung out there for the day and went and saw the lady who is giving me the cane! (her name is jan by the way) and we gave her a bunch of ensigns and got to have a pretty good lesson with her! afterwards not much happened, so finally 5:30 rolled around so we went up to the church to set up for our BOM class! we now are starting the class at 6:30 by request of the class wanting more time! and then sister coomer, who attends regularly brought us dinner! and the class was very succesful!

Saturday: vicki told us about this car show that they have at the town square and around the time she was going to go. so we went and tried to run into her and go with her to the car show, but by the time we got to her house she was already over there, so we went and tried to find her but couldnt. so anyways, if you can, go look up the cassville dogwood carshow! it was so cool! so they block off the square and just have a ton of old cars and they have competitions for best in show and stuff. they also have speakers throughout the square playing old school music. like "shake rattle n roll" we even heard some elvis and some beach boys! haha it was a good time. i will definitely have some pictures included of the cars. that was a ton of fun. afterwards we went to seligman and directed traffic at a "concert" they were having out there. that was definitely not a concert in my eyes, but whatever. no one would listen to us either i just about got hit several times. usually when you are parking and someone is guiding you in you usually stop where they are right? well, these people didnt have that same understanding and tried to run me over several times! they wouldnt stop until i yelled to stop. even if i was dodging the cars. and after the night was over, transfer calls, but you all know how that went.

Sunday: another successful day. went to church, didnt have any investigators, but we had a less active so that was cool! then went back to seligman and taught a couple people, came back to cassville and saw vicki where we invited her to be baptized! honestly, as i was giving the invitation i was thinking "man, this invitation is horrid, like i havent even gotten to the point yet." and then my mind went blank and i couldnt think of the words to say, and about 5 seconds of silence words just came out and i invited her to be baptized on june 16th and she said yes! it was a pretty cool experience! then afterwards we went and had dinner with our neighbor who is an investigator. she made us pancakes and bacon so that was way sweet!

anyways the scripture of the week is going to be, and shoutout to the pops, (Elder Lopez) is going to be Alma 29:9. at the zone conference a couple weeks ago president read an email from an elder in the mission and he felt it tied into the whole reason why he was having the zone conference, and as he was reading it i thought it sounded a lot like elder lopez, but i thought that theres no way. but it was! and in it he referenced alma 29:9 and it has just made me take a step back and realize why im doing what im doing. why im serving, and what i can be doing to be keeping me focused on the reasons why i am out here serving a mission. its been awesome serving here in cassville the past four months and im excited for the upcoming transfer! i love you all!

-Elder Olsen.


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