April 26, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Hilary and Robert are engaged!!

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 10:52 PM, <> wrote:
Hello there!!

How are you? How is the work? Are you staying as busy as you were? How is the weather? We've been watching and it doesn't seem to be as bad there as it is in other places. This does seem to be a bad tornado season though. I was talking to Brother Krauel today and he was telling me he grew up in the Mid-West and say a lot of bad weather. He said there is something about the storms there that are very exciting.

We have had a lot of rain again this week no snow in the valley though so I was happy with that. It is good because we will really need the moisture because we had such a mild and dry winter.

Well I am sure Hilary will email you but I thought I would tell you also. Hilary and Robert and finally engaged!! Smile He proposed Monday night maybe she will send you a picture of her ring and tell you all about how he proposed. They don't have an exact date yet but it looks like sometime in July. Probably the 11th but it changes all the time. We have to start planning a whole lot in order to get it ready in time. Oh well it is all very exciting!!

I started tending Lucas for Carolyn and Ryan on Thursday nights while Carolyn works and Ryan goes to class. He was pretty good it is so fun to have a baby around again. They came out tonight also and he is so sweet.

I am very excited to get to talk to you again on Mothers' Day. I guess it depends on if you get transferred or not if you know where you will be when you call. With all of your brothers they gave me a number to call and I called them. They were usually at a members house. They would just tell me what time to call and I would call them. I think we will have to get a new battery for our phone before that. Ours only holds a charge for a very short time. Do you know if you will be able to Skype? I also wonder how we will find out when we can call or Skype with you because you will be transferred just before Mothers' Day and there won't be another P-day to let me know.

Bishop asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting on Mothers' day. He wants me to tell everyone a little bit about how you are doing and some of your experiences. The theme for the month is also about temples so I might try to talk a little bit about that also.

I went visiting with the Sisters a couple of times again this week and I signed up to feed them this Saturday. They are on the same transfer schedule that you are. I kind of expect Sister Hales to be transferred but I hope not. I always hope that they stay. I always really love the new ones but it is just hard to say good bye to the old ones. We had one really good discussion with a family this week and one of the young men asked a lot of really good questions about how to tell if the missionaries are telling the truth. He also asked where we were before we came to earth. The sisters had me answer that question. I don't ever want to take over the discussion because they are the missionaries and they have the keys for these mission but if they ask me I will bear my testimony or tell about an experience. Anyway it was a good discussion. They are from Africa and they don't speak the language very well so I have to pay really close attention to be able to tell what they are asking. I think it went pretty well though.

Tell me all about everything you have been doing!! I love to hear your stories. You are wonderful and amazing!!

I am still reading in the New Testament about the death and resurrection of the Savior. I just finished all the accounts in the four gospels so I will have to decide what to read next. I think I might start the Book of Mormon again and maybe still read in the New Testament. I really like both of them. Anyway my scripture for this week is Luke 22:32.

Pray always, be obedient and work hard!!

I'll love you forever!!


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