April 27, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

EXchanges in Monet

so this week was pretty awesome! slow, but pretty cool nonetheless! so we had a goal as our zone to hit 160 lessons, thats 20 lessons per area, with 100% member present. we didnt hit it, but it was still cool cause we hit 96% i believe. so it was nice to see the potential that we had if we just asked! our area especially had been struggling lately with members coming out with us. i think two weeks ago it was like 27% and the week before was like 25% so it was cool to have such a high percent! as far as i know thats the highest amount for cassville. but like i said, thats just as much as i know..

on friday we had a mini zone conference. so when i heard about this i was super stoked! cause zone conferences are up in springfield so i would be able to see elder gehring, elder wilde, elder lopez, and maybe even some others from my mtc district that maybe would be there. then in my excitement come to find out, since its a "mini zone conference" it would be held in joplin with just the joplin district.... i was bummed. i dont know anyone in joplin! but it was still cool. as you all know. im not a big fan of long meetings. never have been, never will. so i loved it, but didnt at the same time. the spirit was strong, but man it was long! it was like 2 and a half hours!

also on wednesday we got to go on exchanges! (yay!) (sarcasm) im not a fan of exchanges. so i knew for a fact i would be here in cassville, and elder stubbs would go up to monett since ive been here for coming up on four months. i know the area, know the people, all that jazz. well, i was wrong. i got to go up to monett and elder stubbs stayed down here. even though i was the one going up there, there is no pressure on me, i was still stressed. like, i dont have to plan anything, i dont have to take charge. i just am mostly there for the ride. and like i said, i was still stressed. man i hate exchanges. and our leaders have saved them all for the end of the transfer! stoked! now we get to go on two more this week! so anyways, back to my story. so i was with elder swainston up in monett. pretty much everything he had planned fell through. so we ended up calling this one farmer guy and went and did service on his farm for about 4 hours. its crazy, this farmer is blind. i have no idea how that works but it just does i guess. then we had dinner, tried to go by a couple more people, which again, fell through, then went and played volleyball with some investigators and we shared a "volleyball related" scripture. mosiah 2:18 if anyone is curious.. haha. so come to find out that back here in cassville they went to town. they went and helped our branch mission leader milk his cows, then had a meeting with him, met up with this one family afterwards and had an active member lesson with them. then the father came out too and they went on splits. so i thought that was a really cool experience to hear about even though i wasnt able to be there..

so the scripture i wanted to leave y'all with this week is from words of mormon 1:7. all in all, its just awesome i feel it is very applicable for missionary work. anyways i love you all! stay classy!
oh, i forgot to mention that! ok, so i actually just found this rule out last week, so from now on ill follow this, but we arent allowed to email back and forth. so that bummed me out hearing that. but ill at least answer your questions. so if i stay here i will probably be able to skype you. and fyi the limit on that is 45 minutes. but if i get transferred i dont know. so i thought that was awesome to hear that hilary finally got engaged! she told me the story and i just laughed. she said she felt bad. but oh well, i still thought it was pretty funny. and yes i have been wearing my short sleeved shirts, and yes i would like some more, but hold off on those until i find out if i get transferred or not. calls are this saturday and im pretty stressed about it. i dont want to leave cassville. but i do. but i dont. so i had something else in mind of what else i wanted but i cant remember what it was so obviously it wasnt that important. anyways ill see if i can include some pictures. my card reader broke this week so i need to get a new one, but ill see if i cant hook it up from my chord. ok. so ill let you go! love you!

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 12:37 PM, <> wrote:
You sound amazing!! I am always so happy to hear from you on Mondays.
You didn't say anything about the Mothers' Day phone call. I guess you will be able to tell me next week if you get transferred or not so I guess then we will try to get it figured out then.

What do you think of Hilary being engaged?

Do you need or want anything? Are you wearing your short sleeve shirts yet and do you have enough of those?

Love you,
so in the first picture i was able to finally get my hands on a wheaton shirt. i love wheaton. its my favorite town in our area. and its got the coolest members in our branch that live out there! a family called the sherwoods! i absolutely love going over there.

picture 2: a pretty cool looking sunset, out in wheaton.

picture 3: i thought this was awesome. i guy fueling up his tractor at a gas station. on our way out to wheaton. as elder lopez would say " SO MO!" (as in, so missouri.) haha


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