April 19, 2015

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Hi Drew!!

How are you? How is the work? It is so exciting that you were able to set a baptismal date!! I hope you get to see it happen. Either is you are there or get to go back. You never know you might get to stay there another transfer. The sisters here sometimes get to stay 6 months. We have had several that have.

We have been watching the weather there and it looks like you have been having quite a bit of rain. I haven't seen any tornado watches this week thank goodness!! We have had some interesting weather here this week. It was really warm on Monday and then on Tuesday the wind pick up and we had 30 mile a hour winds with gusts up to 70 mph. Then is got really cold and started to snow that afternoon and the next day. We had 9 inches of snow and Snowbird got 44 new inches. Just in time for them to close. Our snow was all gone by Thursday night. Our grass is really green now because fertilized it just before it stormed.

I was able to go on two visits with the Sisters this week. I really enjoy going on those visits. On one of them they gave a lesson about tithing and on the other they gave a lesson about baptism and the Holy Ghost. They challenged that sister to read 2 Nephi 31 which is what the scripture that I shared with you last week was. Kind of interesting I thought. Do you have members go with you to your appointments? Sister Hales says this is the best area she has ever been in for members to go with them for their appointments. I figure I prayed to have them here the least I can do is to go with them. I really enjoy the spirit I feel when I am with them.

I thought I would share a little Rock n' Roll news with you because I thought you might like it. Ringo Starr (Beatle) was inducted into the Rock n' Roll hall of fame this week and so was Green Day!! I thought it was pretty cool that they were inducted on the same day. Oh I was also going to tell you that Paul McCartney inducted Ringo and Fall Out Boy inducted Green Day Smile Then Ringo and Green Day performed a Beatle song together. Just something fun to tell you not very spiritual or uplifting so I am sorry but I thought it was a fun fact.

I get to start taking care of Lucas this Thursday night. Carolyn goes back to work this week. She is only working two nights a week for now but she thinks the next time session she will have to teach 2 classes instead of just one.

We had the Spanish speaking Elders over for dinner last night it was so fun to have them. We don't get to feed the Elders very much any more. There was Elder his name is Elder Holman he looks so much like you!! It was quite uncanny just how much he resembled you. We enjoyed them so much. One of them thanked us for being so much fun. He said sometimes they go to houses and people just look at them and hardly talk at all. They were so talkative it seems hard to imagine not talking to them. There were three of them and one of them was blind. They took really good care of him and I thought that was so great. They helped him get his food and everything. He said the prayer when they left. Elder Holman gave us a message about the Ten Commandments. So I heard three missionary messages this week.

The scouts were aerating the lawn yesterday and drove it through a section of the fence between our house and the Salazars. Not a very good experience. Bishop said they would pay for it. Dad tried to find the parts at Home Depot but they didn't have anything. I guess we will have to call a fence company. Life is just really interesting sometimes.

Charlie Blackwood is in the hosiptal today with some internal bleeding. Please keep him in your prayers.

I have been reading in the New Testament the last few weeks. In keeping with the Easter theme I have been reading about the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ so I wanted to share Matthew 28: 19-20 with you.

I just want you do know that I love you so very much!! I think you are wonderful and amazing!! Take care of yourself and obey the rules they will keep you safe.

I'll love you forever!


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