April 20, 2015


Cassville, MO


Elder Stubbs

Four month mark

oh man.. 44 inches... now thats some gnar pow. yeah i had heard that the salt lake valley was pushing about 10 inches so i had wondered how much the mountains got. i was expecting maybe like 25-30. but 44? thats insane.

so yeah i would love to stay here another transfer. but i guess we will see. calls are on may 2nd so keep your fingers crossed! we will see what happens. hopefully! but at the same time itd be nice to spread out, but this is home now. elder lopez and i would always joke about how it sucks starting off in the best area in the mission. but then theres a better opportunity to end up back there again, because that is possible, and the chances of it happening would be better. like i said, we will have to wait and see.

so this past week i hit my 4 month mark! in celebration on our lunch hour we called elder gehring! we talked for a little while. it was good to hear from him again! hes up in springfield now and im sure he's killing it up there as usual. but yeah its crazy to think ive been gone for 4 months already. just 20 more! thats not a ton of time so i will have to work hard!

so yeah i had heard before i left that green day was going to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame this year. i was sad i wouldnt get to see it happen. but thats way cool that fall out boy got to induct them in. are they in the hall of fame yet? i think thats cool that ringo and green day performed together. which song? oh, just a weird, not very fun fact. elder stubbs isnt a fan of the beatles. he only likes like 3 songs. i was pretty shocked. but moving on. one of my favorite green day songs, if not my favorite. was the cover green day did of "working class hero." by john lennon. so i bet they did a great job of whatever song it was they performed.

so yeah we got hit by another pretty decent storm. here's the story. we had decided to go and see this one lady we hadnt seen in a while and her boyfriend. so we showed up, and they were out on their porch, and as we were talking they were pretty much dropping us. and i was pretty bummed because they had soo much potential. and then all of a sudden the boyfriend opened up to us and talked to us a lot about his current situation and his problems. i didnt really know how to address this situation. but elder stubbs decided to teach him about priesthood blessings. so we offered and he accepted. he cried pretty much through the entire blessing. its this big tough guy who has been to prison several times, has tattoos up and down his arms, and here he was in tears. it was really pretty powerful. and while we were talking to them the storm rolled in, the lightning started up, and the rain came down. but that didnt stop us. our bags were getting soaked, but that was ok because here we were pretty much saving this guys life. it was awesome.

so continuing on with this story, then at the end of the lesson they asked me to pray, so i did, and he cried through that, and after i had finished praying, he said he wanted to pray, so he did, and it was awesome. and after he finished she wanted to pray. it was way cool. so instead of being dropped, we will be back this week! he said that he had felt something during the blessing. he felt it. so were pretty stoked about that. it was pretty much the most powerful lesson we had been involved with.

so yes, i can agree with that, it is kind of annoying when we go over to someones house to have a dinner with them and everyone is just quiet. like, loosen up! have some fun!

so the scripture i want to leave with y'all this week comes from the book of mosiah. its mosiah 2:41. its about the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments. and as elder lopez would say, "and thats what its all about." being happy really is what its all about. and its not just a coincidence that those who keep the commandments are happy! anyways, i love you all! keep up the good work!
-Elder Olsen
i know right! i tell pretty much everyone and everyone gets on his case about it haha.

so i have been praying for phil. every night. and were actually doing a district fast right now. so ill keep him in that as well.

so i do well about laundry and cleaning my apartment. elder stubbs is much cleaner than elder lopez haha. i do my dishes as i use them too. we dont have a dish washer so i just do them as i go. it makes things easier. and i also try to just keep the place clean so we dont have to do a big cleaning project every monday. i know you probably think im lying but i promise its true! haha

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:15 PM, <> wrote:
Wow....I just don't understand how anyone can not like the Beatles!! That is just wrong. The song they sang together was Boys it was a Beatle song that Ringo sang. I don't know about Fall Out Boy I wouldn't really think so they haven't been around that long yet.

Keep praying really hard for Phillip. He is having a really hard time but I hope things are looking some better now. They are trying to get it worked out.

How are you doing with laundry and cleaning your apartment and stuff like that?

​i also got a hair cut. and yes, this is approved. i shaved the side of my head so i didnt have to keep using gel to part my hair, since that is a mission rule.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:23 PM, <> wrote:
I believe you!! You are awesome and growing in many waysSmile


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